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Posted Friday, March 25, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Hey kids! Its pictorial time! LOL

Did something on my nail few weeks ago and I thought I would like to share. I really like it though! :)

Ready to go yumcha right after our 4 hours of dance practice. This yumcha is a really special one LOL xD
And we came back around 4 something! -_- slept around 5 something.

Friends got me some sourvenirs. The top, from Tioman. Its so cute isn't it! Such a small lil bottle.
And the bottom one, is from Cambodia. Thanks too. :)

My business law lecturer is so cute! I wanted to print out our assignments, then I go and read it.. As I read the first word Lily, I was like.. ''hahahahah lily...'' then I saw Marshall then I was like ''it can't be'' then I saw McLarens and Barney I was like ''O_O'' LOL...
He's a great lecturer afterall. He can memorize all the case study without even referring to books. And he is major in sports law. Where they have a court specially for sports! Isn't that new?!

FYI, there's a promotion going on in McD. Spend RM5 and above and you will be entitled 2 Big Breakfast. (excluding drinks). You just have to print this coupon out

Print as many as you like, and it doesn't matter if you print it black and white. You will still get it don't worry.

Its super super great deal. All the MMU students have been waking up at 4 am to go for this breakfast. Crazy huh? This promotion ends 31 March 2011. Which is, next Thursday.

So we went there this morning right after our class.

We made something for Chin Xiang's bf!!! Its really fun and stupid xD

And this! Special delivery to his doorstep. I bet he will feel so sweeeeeet~~~ XD

We are finally back to Seremban. Home sweet home really. Nothing feels better than being at your own home, having your parents around!

We saw this car right beside our bus. I woke my sister up immediately!

because it writes..........

So cute isn't it?!

I wonder where they sell it!

Alright that's all for my pictorial kids! See you guys soon! and good night :D
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