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Posted Wednesday, February 02, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
so a couple of days ago, i met Alvin in the campus. surprisingly he is still in the campus because we have no more classes, those who are in campus, are the ones who can't study at home i guess.

so i talked to him a lil bit, and he said he stayed back because Kishok went to the hospital. I'm like, what?!

They went for badminton at night, and apparently Alvin smashed TOO hard straight into his eyes.

Kristy and I were like........... LOLOLOLOL.

Alvin still pulls that serious face and said, doctor said he can go blind anytime.

then we both are like... O______O

Kishok catched the ball with his eyes open? -_-'' if normal people will of course avoid that incoming shot right?

hahahahaha.. we're so sorry to laugh out loud at first. but it was really funny!!!

and thank god right now Kishok is totally fine. hope you get well soon, there's exam waiting for us!

Pictorial next!
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