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Posted Saturday, February 19, 2011 // 2 comments (+)


Second brother of mine just sold off his PSP not long ago, he said, '' I never used it anymore, i just put it there to rust, so its better for me to sell it off''

And he sold it off with a GOOD PRICE! He literally just spend a few bucks to own a PSP for A YEAR. Lucky him.

He got offered by someone who is willing to spend RM550 on his second hand PSP. But he chose to sold to a Malay guy which offered him RM500.


One of the reason is, because the guy who offered him RM550 isn't an honest buyer afterall. He planned to resell it for a higher profit, therefore my bro doesn't wanna sell it to him.

But the main reason is because.........(continue reading)

My brother and the buyer got a deal at RM500, and of course, to deal with such important things they deal face to face instead of just postage. This malay guy, around 30+ went all the way from quite of a far place to come meet up with my brother riding a bike. After double checking that everything is still in mint condition, that buyer smiles so happily. My bro asked him ''who do you buy this for?'' and he said, '' i bought this for my son. his birthday is coming soon. I don't have much money to buy him a brand new one, so i thought a second hand PSP will be fine, and i don't have much time to buy, his birthday is just few days after, so i have to get it fast, and luckily i saw you offering a secondhand PSP, so i bought it down immediately.''

And after being satisfied at it, they both went home.

Such a touching story ain't it? The buyer still buy something for his children although he doesn't have much money... T________T

Most of the time your dad treats you like this too, just that you never see it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. So treat your daddy good, go and talk to him, accompany him watch football, accompany him to do check ups and stuffs, always listen to him, he'll feel happy already.

See? Happiness is so easy sometimes...... Doesn't have to complicate.. :)
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