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Posted Sunday, February 06, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Quote from Rachel Ng :

''I like exchanging insults because it creates a realistic relationship with good long lasting friends. If I have to think a gazillion times before I say something out loud, that just means that we are just mere friends.''

How true is that.

She is risking herself over the fact that the other people might feel SO OFFENDED by her, and she still insists to speak out the truth. LOL.

so next time when someone just say something to you so directly, she said that for your own good, she wants you to be better!

No criticism, no progress mah.

but don't too much please wtf i scared i kenot tahan.

Watched American Idol, Steven Chow's movie, some Malaysia concerts with my eldest bro, my 2nd bro and my sister together inside the chalet at Kuala Selangor last night. It was really nice that we can sit together in the living room and watch TV together, laugh together, talk to each other about the shows. I feel really close with them.

We seldom do this because its either I will be playing laptop, or my bro will be playing laptop, or my eldest bro will be playing laptop. Its really nice to escape from the cyber world sometimes and just sit down and chill with your family members.

Not forgetting, American Idol is really funny. LOL :D but I miss Simon. Come back Simon!!!

A 1000 trials lead to 1 success, Steph. Patience is all you need!
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