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Posted Thursday, February 03, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
A short post right now, because I spent too much time outside bai nian, hence I have to fast fast blog then fast fast study liao ok.

Ops, time now is 11:56 pm!! I today die die must finish UBS Accounting if not I will fall down tomorrow. hahahahahah wat a curse!

Krystal is going to Tasmania around Feb 13th. She said she's going to miss her bedroom in Seremban, well, we're going to miss you so much too. Do come back more often so that we can catch up on each other. :)

Went to Pizza Italia for some pizza on 2nd of Feb.

From the left. Amelia, Ah fu, Krystal, the future architect. :P

Some chicken with some cheese on top and some fries. This attracted me at first!

Pasta. All the white pasta definitely taste better than the red one, trust me. Everyone who saw this picture from my camera they will go like, '' eh you try this pasta ah?! my favourite le!!!''

And it was really nice, thanks to Krystal's recommendation. ^^

All of us ordered their pizza and try a lil bit, there's a reason why they are called Pizza Italia at the first place right. And we all shared all the food. So we can test every food out, thumbs up for the food! :)

All of us. Except Rachel :( :( :(

Friends forever!

the ring. no lah ahhahahaah jk!

Later we went for a movie - HomeComing. We've decided to catch up some CNY movies to boost the mood.

Its a singapore & Malaysia movie I guess, not bad.

I wanna watch Shaolin! Heard it was good. And also All's well ends well and I love HK.

If only I have no exams..................>.<
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