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Posted Saturday, February 12, 2011 // 3 comments (+)
Hello lovelies. I'm back to Seremban and my finals are officially. over.

I saw so many people ranting in facebook saying that they can't study or don't have the mood to do so or they had sooooo much more left to study. and I'm seriously glad that I'm done with all these!

I'm back alone, finally have the time to catch up all the movies that I snatched from Ken's HDD. All are super clear, thanks! And I find movies are the best thing to accompany you when you have nothing to do, just like me right now. :P 

A three weeks holidays begin today. And I have plenty of time to spare. Kristy kept asking me to ''get yourself a hobby!'' but I don't know which one I'm going to get. Hobby is like what ah actually? I no longer collect stamps.. -.-''

I really love how people/stories/movies inspire me. That makes me feel motivated and strive to be a stronger and a better person.

Growing up is about facing the reality, turns the stress into fun, turns everything upside down to upright. 

You might face hugeee differences compared to what you used to face last time, that's pretty normal. Just take those changes as something positive, no big deal, smile with it, live with it with an open heart. everything happens for a reason actually.

Signing off.

P/s : To those of you who are having exams, GO STUDY ALREADY!!!!!!!!

P/p/s : That was indeed an awesome goal from Rooney. I didn't watch it, I watched youtube only. :P
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