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Posted Tuesday, February 08, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Its like a virus spreading here and there nowadays.....  -_-''

Hello people, its CNY! And its the starting of the year! Want to make your life so bad meh....dont like this mah...

Its ok to be sad, its ok to be emo, its ok to feel heart broken, its ok to feel down.

And its ok if that lasts you for like...... as-long-as-you-want-that-to-lasts.

because nobody can stop you mah.. but it HAS to stop one day too, right??

To make your life better, I'm going to share some of my tips to happiness!

1) Talk to your parents.
Sometimes talking to your parents make you realize what they really want, and what they really expect from you. They never show it out, they never expect much, but they hope you will become someone in your future. So talk to them sometimes motivate me to strive alot!

2) Talk to your friends
Friends in need are friends indeed.. When a person calls you/text you/talk to you when she is feeling sad, then be glad that you are a good listener. When you are sad, calls someone up too! Just blabbbbbb everything like !@%#@^#$^#$^#&@$%@#%$#^#$%@#$ and after a few hours (I'm just exaggerating) you will feel alright...

3) Eat something that you like.
Chocolate lovers, just go grab a bar of chocolate! Being fat is better than being depressed ok! You can always diet when you are in a good mood...
Dessert lovers, go grab yourself a piece of cake! Go high tea a while! Go enjoy life! They exist to bring you happiness... Just like how kids love candies..

4) Sleep.
Works best for me I guess.. When u're sleeping, u're not thinking of anything!

5) Blog your heart out.
Expressing is the most effective way of releasing yourself, need I elaborate more?

6) Watch funny videos.
I love to watch LuanLegacy's videos when I'm down/sad. The way he speaks is like a black woman complaining non stop. LOL.

7) Play with your pets!
If you have any. because they will replace your emo-ness with their cuteness!

8) Watch your favourite TV shows!
Funny and entertaining ones, of course. My choice will be American Idol casts (touching and funny most of the time) HIMYM,( the awesome barney and lily and Marshall but I stopped for almost 1 month ad :( ) and also America's Next Top Model. And some HK dramas. I'm a dramaniac. LOL

9) Catch a movie with your friends
When I enter cinema, all I ever did is, sit down, relax and enjoy the show for 2 hours!

10) Go shopping
works well for all the girls. Boys, go get 1 or 2 items in your wishlists! You will be sooo happy that you forgot you're even sad before the shopping session wtf

11) Listen music
I don't know why, but when Im listening to people sing, I will be so concentrating on their songs and forgot about all the sad stuffs.

12) Bath
Heard of aromatherapy? That's how it works!

13) I guess no more liao.

14) If you're still not happy, look at this.

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