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Posted Monday, February 14, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Here's the promised post for you guys. :D

We were discussing about where shall we celebrate Amelia's 21st birthday. 21st birthday was a hugeeeeeee date. I don't know why, its like the start of freedom, the adult life! She can officially enter a casino with her head tilt up high! LOL. wow, we're all grown ups already..... mama papa will b so proud huh T_T. back then they help us to change diapers. right now?

it was a super last minute decision that we decided to have our party at Oakland Kenshington. We had a few plans across our head at first :
1) Go PD, stay over there with a huge bunch of people.
2) Go Melaka villa, stay over there as well.
3) Go KL, shopping sambil makan good food.
4) Pajamas party
5) Go Alson Klana/Royal Bintang for some buffet.

But due to too last minute decision, we can only have it nearby. where everybody will definitely be free to attend. And.....cost effective of cos wtf. We discussed for the whole 3 hours but in the end the conclusion is

Go Oakland Kenshington -_-'' I must start to plan for my birthday already! ITs on 1st of august ( 1/8/2011), I know still very long but....... ITs our 21st!!!!!!!!

It was nice. CNY feel! ^_^

The food.

Ah Hau, Amelia, Ah Hann.

The whole bunch of girls!

The twins! Haha no la, they share the same birthday.

Amelia and KRystal, who went to Tasmania lately.

Kristy and Amelia

Amelia and Ah Hann.

Amelia and Ah Fu.

Amelia and Vivi.

Amelia and Ah Hau.

The couple :P

After some chit chatting and enjoying our food, its finally time to cut the cake.

Wish upon the candles :D

Time to blow!

and cut!

We all don't even have the intention to push their head bcuz we wanna taste the cake wtf

they say if you can tie a knot on the cherry branch, then you are super pro at french kis wor. HAHAHA

Group photo is a must!

Amelia's favourite ring. she forgot to wear it to her birthday party -_-''
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