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Posted Saturday, January 08, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Finally, a new year post!

Went buff's house stayover. at first it was only both of us. suddenly the two boys came uninvited! but the more people the merrier, right. :)

and as expected, they have no where to sleep, but to sleep on the couch. so sorry! ahahah

Buff fetched us from KTM station! she knows the road because her mom is guiding beside her -.-''

went to some vietnam shop near her house. she said the vietnam mee is goood! so we gotta give it a try.

the two uninvited one.

our host on the left!:P

this is mine! it looks great isn't it? it looks spicy but its not. i can't really stand spicy things, like super hot asam pedas.......T_____T

kristy's! not bad too. i mean, how can it be bad. look at the meat le!

ah lua, the big appetite guy. he feels full right after he ate the whole bowl of it. how can! O_O

denzel's! at first i wanna try this one. but then i saw mine is nicer so i dont want this ad, but then i really feel reluctant to don't order this and so i ask denzel order waaaaahahahahahha so i can try some of his!

their spring rolls! this is veryyyyy the nice :P

Right after the dinner, we went back to her house and settle down our luggage. We met her parents! And her sister! They are one friendly family.

Up next, we went out for some shopping mall. this one is near Sri Hartamas Taylors i think, i don't really know what its called.

suddenly we saw a cute lil princess like place to yumcha! so nice le really. we really wanna yumcha there but we're still full so... and we saw 4 guys.......4 guys sitting on the princess couch........and drinking high tea..........playing dota............wtf....................................

camwhored when the guys are busy shopping.

and we walked to Apple retail store! and played with MacBook.

Take 1 = horror. see buff's face like got blood right? >.<

its really nice to play with the webcam sometimes~ i still have a lot of stupid webcam shots that i took last time. dont wanna share because its really stupid! hahaha

right after that, we went to One Utama. cuz its the nearest to buff's place. thank god she knows the place!!!:P

after some few hours of window shopping, we wanna find a place to chill, and we plan to eat Chilli's for dinner. I wanna try Chilli's lahhhhhhhhhhh T_T. but due to the price so we have to think twice T_T

went for tutti fruitti, the frozen yogurt. its our first time eating there. and also the last time hehe.

Its a place where you can customize your own frozen yoghurt, there are a few flavours of yogurt for you to choose, and you can choose your own toppings too. and you pay according to your yogurt weight.

its Rm 13.80.................so expensive right!

Kristy's. she take Oreo somemore. so hers is RM 15 +. LOL


Right after our tutti fruitti, we cursed them like hell LOL. you know whats our entertainment? to see those first timer take their yogurt, put their toppings, go and weight and see whats their expression when they are about to pay. most of them will show the ''wtf'' face! Got one girl I see she take yogurt until RM 20 wtf..seriously wtf. you can eat Chilli's ad!

When its about time for dinner, we went to Chilli's at first. but it was a long, long, long queue. and all of us were starving, especially the boys. so we went to Dragon-I..

a place for chinese food. obviously......=p

queuing up to eat.

let's see what's hot!

Siu Long bao! Slurps! its really nice.

ah lua's. it is super spicy!!! And it tastes like gardenia. hahahahaha

buff's favourite mee. it tastes like peanut butter!

Char siew pao.

kim soon's! Tori (chicken) katsu (cover) don (rice) =p in chinese style.


Mine! Which arrives 1 hour later. T_T

and after our dinner, its time to go back.

but we shop until the whole shopping mall close. =.=''

do u noe ah lua is sitting on buff's legs?! LOL!

And we went back around 1030pm. Thank God it doesn't jam at all!:D

we plan to go mamak for countdown but ended up counting down at home because right after we bath, everyone oso very lazy ad.

firework right outside buff's hse! who doesnt like fireworks!

we can't see so we have to climb up to the car to see wtf

after all the beautiful fireworks, we went to the living room and watch TV. there are sooooo many beautiful fireworks around the world!!!

And after that, we watched DESPICABLE ME!

got hungry so we go down and cook maggi mee. korea spicy maggi mee :D:D

all of us are cooking and cooking and cooking!

and its done!

so Q................T__________T why must i update blog at this time FML

FML and FYL too..........T_T

And we went to sleep without finishing our Despicable me. maybe continue during our next visit =p

the next morning, breakfast time! I mean brunch =.= we all woke up around 11am! ^_^

Hokkien mee! Buff's dad's favourite. he ask me '' do you know anywhere got nice hokkien mee in s'ban?'' then i'm like '' er.................................................'' =.='''' don't ask me, i dont know one.....xD

I love both hakka and hokkien mee! hakka mee is the nicest! but you can't find hakka mee in melaka at all.

fried rice and... XO butter prawn I guess?

And we call that a visit. :D

I wish they can come sleepover at my place in Mlc so that I can bring them to eat here eat there shop here shop there sing k watch movie T_______T but my apartment doesn't allow!

Happy 2011!
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