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Posted Tuesday, January 04, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

Rooney has got a parcel!

Unwrap unwrap unwrap!

It comes with a cute free gift! (This is not Rooney's gift at all, its just an additional surprise by the seller!!:D:D)

Even animals love surprises ok. wtf

It is a tunnel bed for hamsters. So cute. ^_^

And lastly... I'm going to present his real present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A 21cm diameter running wheel specially for him! It can be used as a standing independent wheel, and also can be clipped on his cage. What a wise design.  The current yellow wheel is too small for him, everyday seeing him running on it is like, touching his backbone, which I think is not good for him, so Kristy and I bought him this :) :) :)

Its time to change! And Rooney's now a one happy lil hamster.
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