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Posted Wednesday, January 19, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
 we just got back from our guitar class and dinner.

guitar starts at 7 o'clock, and went for dinner until 1030 pm.

when i reached home, i saw rooney's crawling on the bottom (ground floor) of his cage. i noticed. but i thought, never mind, i go brush first, then i'll check on him.

i went to brush, and suddenly my sister knocked the toilet door vigorously.

i went outside, and saw my sister being very anxious and panic. she told me ''jie, why rooney like that?? why rooney crawling like very suffering like that???'' in a trembling voice.

i quickly check on him, open his cage, and carry him out. the normal him would have bitten me in the cage,out of defensing himself.

but this time, he just let me carry him out. his whole body is not straight, he's lying flat, like hands going on top, foot going down.he kept crawling and crawling, his eyes weren't looking at the normal vision. he kept moving his hands and legs as though he's swimming. for the very first time i don't even feel like he has a back bone.

suddenly i realized he's being very thin and weak. hamsters are nocturnal animals. usually starting from 9pm, you will see them running on the wheel, climbing on their cage, going upstairs and downstairs, checking out on people walking pass them. but not today. he just crawl flat on the floor.

the next thing we saw was there's shitloads of ants inside his cage. I don't know why are they so many inside it. I really don't know. we didn't put any sweet stuffs for him, and i just cleaned his cage 3 days ago.
but this time there's just a lot of ants inside his cage.

both of us were so freaked out. we kept carrying him, kept asking him to move but he ain't moving normally. his whole body is so soft as though he doesn't even have bone. he looks really suffering. and there's this thought inside my head - can he still make it ? shall we bury him alive? i don't wanna see him suffering like this.

kristy prohibited me from doing that immediately. and asked me to stop this thought. right after that, we kept calling our Malaccan friends, ask them if there's any 24 hours vet in Malacca. but we highly doubt it...............

Ken offered us to find vets in Malacca, but to our expectations, all were closed. only 1 hospital around MMU is 24 hours, i think we shouldn't expect this from a mere vet.

we went to 3 places. the last stop was Pantai Hospital. which we hope they do treat hamster even though we know the possibility is really low. and we guessed it right.

Rooney is now sleeping in a small lil cage, I dare not put any beddings for him because i think that's the main thing that attracts the ants.

seeing him like this.. my heart aches so much.... i'm prepared for the worst........ i really am....

i just hope miracle can happen on him... and he'll come back to my side... :(

Please bless him Jesus... Amen....
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