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Posted Sunday, January 23, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

Just got back from hometown. yes I do have 1 more class to go. Monday 4-6 pm and right after that, NO MOREEEE! But don't happy so fast because I still have to study for exam.

just now i sat inside the bus i didn't sleep for the whole journey!!! how rare is that !! LOL.. i'm enjoying the music, and i'm staring at the starry night, the stars are so beautiful. <3.. then when I hear those love songs i'm like, do these love songs really exist in this world ? or they are just overrated?

i watched some girl's video just now and she said '' its impossible for me to have my mood down'' and i'm like ''wad how can?!! '' i'm a person who.. to make it sound nicer, normal. hahaha.

i get really emotional sometimes too. just like those blonds, u noe. those blonds. they get happy very fast, they get sad very fast too. yeah i'm just like that -.-' i can easily be annoyed, easily feel pathhetic towards someone/something, easily feel happy, easily feels angry. is that a good thing or wad??? i oso duno. haiz.

i'm kinda traumatised by something lately. there's this guy, i shall not say out his name right here. actually this happened quite long ago but i only say it out now but oh well, he said he loves hot chick. ONLY HOT CHICK. so anyone who is not hot, he will not consider having them as girlfriends. then i'm like, hot chicks means those clubbing hot chicks? they define girls who wear as less and as short as possible are hot chicks? they might be, if they don't just have the look, but also the personality. why nowadays people judge others based on looks ad one. urgh. and then i saw some kinda pictures in fb, she's inside a club. and then suddenly this guy's messages came through my brain i'm like, EFF U!!!!!!! you seriously made me feel so disappointed and made me feel like ''har every guys also like that one ah..........'' he made me feel like, everyone must be hot in order to be liked by someone. pft. what a wrong wrong concept. screw your own mindset man.


P/s : i will only be happy when i compare myself with those who are worse than me. like that, i'll be more confident, i'll be more gratitute for what I have, i'll be happier. don't say its not good because you won't maju like that, but i think you will only get better only when you are happier.

P/p/s : sometimes I still think about Rooney. especially his last pictures i have inside my hp. T__________T... i really miss you so so so so so much................................. everytime i look at your pictures my heart aches.. :'(

P/p/p/s : i had sooooooo much fun practicing piano and sing to the song that i'm playing lately. maybe accounting is just not for me! but alah its 3 years already, so just continue ba. :(  accounting can earn alot! *self comfort

P/p/p/p/s : never question yourself steph, never question yourself.
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