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Posted Wednesday, January 12, 2011 // 2 comments (+)
i've been very into LUAN LEGACY lately. thanks to those who kept recommending. just in case you haven't watched this yet, GO WATCH IT! ITS REALLY FUNNY! LOL


this guy occupied most of my free times lately. hahaha

i'm quite impressed of his ''i ain't afraid to voice myself out, i don't care if you guys hated me or wat, i'm just going to make more videos!!!'' this guy has the guts that i will never have T______T

i am really afraid of haters i guess. just keep watching him! he'll make you smileeeeee.

P/s : i miss watching HIMYM. it has been ages since i last watched it in pps. they brought the whole US dramas column down. and thank god i have lie to me to accompany me, and also some youtube vids.

p/p/s : thank God for rooney's safety. if you weren't blessing him i guess he would have escaped and duno go where already! ----------> neh that carefree lil dude wtf

going back seremban this week. SWEEEEET! ^^

happy new year. i guess this could still be used for a couple more weeks. :D
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