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Posted Friday, January 14, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

I wanna go Japan, Korea, Australia, America, London,Taiwan and many moreeeee! ^_^

but at least let me go Singapore first T________T. actually we can easily go singapore because my cousin is residing there with her family. but just dont know why until now also haven't stepped in singapore 1 foot yet!!!

oh i really wanna go japan, the fashion city. where you can see lots of hot chicks there! and also hot guys i hope! i duno but i hope! and the food there, i heard their ramen and sushi are 100X nicer than what we have in Malaysia! and also i wanna go there shopping!

and i wanna go korea too! i wanna see SNSD!!! i wanna hear them speak korea language! but i'm not so fond of korea food i guess.

i wanna go australia too! i heard my friend say buy perfume ah, buy branded stuffs there damn cheap!!! O_O
and also there's a lot of hong kie there!

US - what more can i say? I watch a lot of Us shows and I definitely wanna see how big portion their food is ! and also their shopping mall.. i heard their make up is cheap.

not forgetting Taiwan! colleen said their accessories are nice and cheap!! and also their pasar malam food!

I wish all of these would happen as I grew older.. Steph, must make all these happen! Cross your fingers!

regarding Italy and France, well all these places are MUST GO too. but when i grow older first.. hahaha.. current time is to enjoy shopping and fun! older that time only will learn how to enjoy life..  i love traveling!!! :D:D
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