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Posted Sunday, January 16, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
exam is coming soon. which means i'm going to study again. but actually, studying ain't that bad, trust me. you just gotta understand the concept, and then do tutorials. and you will kinda get the whole idea of what you are studying about. everytime when i don't even know what i'm learning about, i'll feel so lost... :(

everytime when i whine about how hard accounting is (because it really is!!), then i will think about people who study about law and doctor, got once i read buff's note, i was like, ''what the hell???'' imagine you have to study a whole book of scientific terms. 90% of the words you can't understand at all. except these commonly used words ''the, and, there, this, is'' etc. other words than these sound like a total alien to you. so i'm really glad i chose accounting. i'm not that noble and honestly, i'm not that hardworking to take up doctor. lol

if i took doctor, i'm going to deactivate my facebook, quit blogging, no more MSN and just focus on my studies. because studying doctor is a really really serious business. accounting too but not soooo serious. haha

CNY is approaching. and back then i don't really have the mood of buying new CNY clothes, or even celebrating it because i was in exam mood all the time. seriously this exam right after our CNY is driving us nuts. and most of us dare not dream happily about how to celebrate our CNY already. its final exam, not mid term. so we have to start study liao. my exam is on 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th. lol

celebrated mom's birthday on the 14th. so fast its 17th already. felt like it just happened yesterday.

my mom shared the same birthday as our country. you can roughly guess how old she is. lol

we will love you, and earn lots of money for you to go travel with daddy ok? we'll try. lol...can't promise you yet. =.=''
even though sometimes i really don't like you nag us, but i know you nag us because you care. so we won't be angry for long too.

mom's gift. skincare againnnnn. make her look pretty mah. XD

her cake. we bought the candles as well but she didn't use it. waste of time i guess. LOL

we insisted in buying her a birthday cake but its actually for our own consumption. hehehehe

black forest cake!
this is my birthday mom. and on the left, my dad. watching football with my bro. =.=''''

happy birthday to you mom! Love you lots. next time you see my mom on the street or wherever, say hi to her ok? LOL

this morning i saw rooney looks so weak. when i scoop him up from his cage, i saw his whole body is wet. because of that freaking bottle keeps leaking water. he's sleeping, in a wet cage. i felt so guilty right after i see it. i kept calling his name, kept caressing him, and all he ever did is open his sleepy eyes and close it back.

i was so panicked that i carry him close to my chest, and keep him warm. i'm so afraid that he's sick, and because he's such a tiny guy, falling sick to him can be a big deal. seremban has no vet for hamsters i guess. only KL got. what if he's sick? must i rush to KL to treat him again? I dont know..... all i ever did is keeping warm, keep calling his name. you can't imagine how freaked out i am when i see a normally super active and naughty tiny guy suddenly not moving and sleep on my chest, silently, under my palms. i really thought his day has finally came. !@$@#^#$^@W%@ T_________T. but i saw him behaving like usual already just now, so i guess he's ok? fingers crossed. God bless this tiny one, please......
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