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Posted Sunday, December 12, 2010 // 3 comments (+)
Gonna update my blog ASAP before the mood is gone!!!

Current addiction : don't wanna try - Frankie J.

I think this song is 3-4 years back but hahaha its nice so go listen to it!

Went Brugge yumcha few weeks ago, with Denzel, Lua, RnR, Colleen, SiongZu, my bro, Tiffany, Yeo. Nice hanging out with them.

Good environment, but a lil bit too noisy with the live band.

The food!

Looks not bad ^_^

Super dark. Spot Col, bro and SiongZu!

The live band. See? every rock band oso must have long hair one. -.-''

My fb profile!

RnR. We call them RnR cuz their names are Rachelle and Rosanne, they are twins. Everytime I look at them I was like, why we don't look alike?!

Then went Tarot for the unfinished story......-.- LOL..

And we called it a day around 1 am....


Went for Beef Kut Teh when I'm having 2 papers the next day T_T

It's just a small lil stall located by the busy street..

The awesome chef!

awesome chef's wife!

Guess what Alvin is doing?

And Kristy?

They are playing fruit ninja actually..hahaha

Then our drinks came! It was thiiiiiiiiis tiny

We just gotta prove that its really really tiny wtf

Jeng jeng jeng jeng, looks good? TASTE GOOD OSO! I love the tau gi, the orange color one ah crispy crispy one ah. and also the meat. So tender I wanna dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And its done xD

Thanks for reading people, gotta sleep! Can't believe my holidays ended just like that :(
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