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Posted Saturday, December 11, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Going back soon enough. And there goes my 1 week holiday.

Sometimes I really wonder, why do I study at MMU at the first place? I don't know, ask my parents :(

Their holidays are soooo short! Max 2 weeks only FML. Shortest 1 week.. I went Thailand and Kedah and there goes my one week holidays. My bed also not warm enough wtf..

The reasons why I dislike there I guess is because... I don't have much close friends over there.. I have friends but not really close until we can hang out all day, go to school together, heart-to-heart talk always, go yumcha anytime, study together... SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I feel like I'm such a spoil brat. :( Why other people won't rant bout all these but I do? But the fact is I really feel so ma... You know how hard it is to hide my feelings anot? T.T

Well... I do have a lot of happy moments... Such as hanging out with my friends and so forth.. But once I entered university, there's a lot of things changed! You will no longer have anyone with you to go to school together, won't have anyone with you to discuss dramas details together, no one with you that makes you look forward to seeing her in school ever..... You will always see me saying ''Nah, its fine, I'm doing okay in my uni life with a big smileeeee on my face but seriously? Where got people so dumb can't figure out what I am really desperate for inside my heart!'' Who says university life is so fun!!! I say it sucks to the max T_T....
Well, minus the freedom of course... All I ever needed is just more and more friends!!

If I have more friends I'll be so happy to go to school.. Feels so committed to something... Unlike right now, feels not motivated to do anything else!

I don't want university life. :(

Why ah I just don't like MMU?  I oso duno.
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