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Posted Thursday, December 16, 2010 // 1 comments (+)
ITs time! To blog about the Thailand trip happened last week.

It was a 5 days 4 nights trip to Kedah and Thailand. My dad was from Kedah, so this time we balik kampung.

It was a special trip this time because we're heading to Thailand! Last time when people ask me where is the furthest you've ever traveled? I answered : Kedah. Wtf now I can finally answer Thailand ad!

More to come? I hope @@ I really love travelling. For my mom and daddy's information..... *hint hint :D:D

Firstly we stopped our car by the duty free zone. We're not going to drive to Thailand.

Sit inside a van that they have provided us. And off we go to Thailand!

Here is their petrol station. I got quite a huge shock. It is the petrol station! You can only see this in Thailand so all of us kept snapping pictures of it.

The oil tank.

It is, really really weird.

Some Thai baht. We went into some travel agency and they helped us to arrange for our transport, exchange currency and also arrange accomodation. Then we're ready to go!

Checking in our hotel.

With a hugeeeeee purple christmas tree!!!!!! And also McD!!! You know, its a must for you to try out different country's McD. because they are not the same! So we all have already decided to go there for some tea time right after we settled our luggage.

Heading to the lobby to get our room keys.

Welcome in! Not you burglar wtf

The toilet that actually looks quite good but my camera failed to capture it..

The outside view.

Our huge bed! Which we can roll and roll and roll and roll if my bro didn't sleep with us *stares

Thanks to one of the officer that helps us snap this pic!

Their ATM machine has some problem.

Yeay McD!

I sincerely thinks she is real la ok. Don't overgeneralize women ma. I mean men wtf

The most expensive McD ever :(

It's actually RM 27 la their currency is has extra 0 one.

They've got orange juice and apple juice right in front of the counter!

Ordered some food which you never see in Malaysia's McD menu. On the left, Samurai pork burger ( They have pork! And they allow pork!! Yumz) . On the right, chicken ham pie.

They have McCafe too!! A place where you can enjoy some cakey and a cup of coffee.

This chicken ham pie is seriously so nice. So so so so so nice. I think it costs  RM 3.50. Its reaaaally nice! I really miss the banana pie right here, now that they don't have it ad. Oh, they have pineapple pie too!

To those Thai Chili Sauce lover (like me wahahhahaa) This is seriously nice. I don't like chili sauce which is too hot, so this one is sweet and just nice. :)

This one I think is Chick and Swiss.

Bun, lettuce, mayo, tomato and fried chicken fillet. Quite normal.

And they have whipped cream cappuccino~

Samurai Burger!

Right after our tea time we went out for a walk. And saw them selling these by the road side. Why they wanna sell chicks ah??

Right in front of it they have this shopping mall, which sells lots of expensive stuffs. :(

Harry Potter & Narnia. Hahahaha in thai!

All the tourists travelled with this. We call it the du du car wtfff because when they wanna attract tourist's attention they just horn!

And I saw Nickhun!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Then we went to Kim Yong Market. And bought this cute lil eggs! It looks so cute right? Like sunflower! :)

And these which tastes exce-waitforit-LENT! LOL.... It costs only 10 baht = RM 1. :)

Damn I'm missing this already!!

And we saw one stall selling all the fried stuffs. We hold our expectations high hoping we could find their infamous fried crickets over there but to our disappointments, we saw all these common fishballs and sausages which we can easily find in Malaysia.. :(

Their drinks. Lol

And some other food which I don't know the name.

This is how they get rid of the flies. Sooooo effective right!!

BBQ Sausages!!

Right after the Kim Yong street, I wanna go shopping  ^_^

And we told the driver we wanna go shopping and see if he can recommend any nice place to shop ( cheap + nice!) but he bring us back to the place we stay wtf

So we have to shop at the expensive place - Central, which is just right opposite our hotel.

While mom is shopping for her kitchen appliances............

Kristy joined me too xD

Hahahaha love this one the most!

Saw a nice mug which I really wanna buy! Can't take my eyes of you~ I like it Muse version~ ^_^

Kristy hamsap o....

see told you she damn hamsap

ok la i joined too la wtf

Mom looks like she's stealing something! haha so cute

MErry xmas everyone!!

Then we went into our hotel there and shop. But nothing to shop one. :(

Haha looks like an elf!

Then we came to TEddy House!

So cute with all the teddies and all. :)

But I instantly got scolded by the shop owner inside T_______T she looked at me fiercely and said ''SEE THIS, NO PHOTOGRAPHY. FINE 5000 BATH!'' Then I was like, '' OK OK SO SORRY!''

She need to b so fierce anot!

In some cafes......

When its about 6 something, we went back our hotel and rest. While the boys are already sleeping like pigs!

Camwhored before bath . :)

And went for Sky Buffet! Which locates at the highest floor (33rd floor) of the hotel.

The beautiful scenery.

The food is quite disappointing.. My mom agrees to pose with me hahahaha

Right after that, night market!

Bought something to eat at the pool.

Mango rice! My dad and my bro love it.

And we went back home and sleep. It was a lil bit too cold though.

The next morning, we walked around the street and went for brunch!

TomYam. Which is really nice. :)

Fierce looking fish wtf really very spicy this one!

Some pork!

Right after the brunch, we went back home. And that's the end of our Thailand journey.

When we reached back Kedah, there's a steamboat waiting for us!

Its awesome. But the aftermath? 6 days of food poisoning T__________T

After the steamboat, we catch a movie at their home mini theatre. Watching The Hulk. It was really enjoying! :)
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