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Posted Monday, December 20, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Right after my last mid term paper! ^_^

With Ken from www.thekenchia.com and sufen and Kristy.

Don't be so happy when you hear last mid term paper ok cuz the next time I blink my eyes it will be finals liao. wtf. and trust me i'm going to regret so much for not starting early to study again. This is like a never-ending cycles, or shall i say its a curse damn it! Nobody will ever start early to study one. I know myself  :(. BEen saying this for like 3 years (and still counting) and now also still like that!

We went to MITC because of the PC fair there, I have nothing to buy. Sufen has to buy mouse and headphones. While Kristy has to buy a mouse.

This was the first time I went MITC for their PC fair. Apparently its much more spacious than the previous ones which were held in Mahkota Parade (MP).

Camwhore inside the car.

Ken got himself an Ipod touch 4! And it can record and also take photos one. Just minus the calling and texting, and GPS. Overall its a good gadget. To those who are under tight budget who thinks Iphone 4 is really expensive and not worth it but at the same time you wanna have something similar with Iphone 4, why not consider this? :)

Since it has a camera function we kept recording video out of it. And we made a couple of funny ones. Hahaha. We did some vlog!

The writer. ^^

After they've got their stuffs purchased, then we head to dinner! I just recovered from food poisoning, so I'm quite cautious about the food that I'm going to put into my stomach later on. And I scared what if I diarrhea again ah? T______T but luckily my stomach has been behaving well.

At first we planned to go Sakura House to eat the Japs but Ken suggested another place for us.

Here it is! Located in Jonker Street.

the moment you walked inside...

*gasps*A blue glowing gorgeous christmas tree welcomed us!!!

Ready to be served.

Ken's SUPER HEAVY CAMERA. He has a huge back pack for it and it was... So so so heavy. Like got around 5KG gua.I once really consider to buy a DSLR because I love the effect so much. So clear, so beautifully captured, but............. so bulky. And once you bought it, you have to keep buying this lens and that lens. Which eventually will cost a big hole in your pocket. Plus I'd rather be photographed instead of photographing others. HAHAHA. :p

Green tea.

After a hugeeeeee dilemma I finally chose this. And with no regrets since then. :))

Kristy's dori fish. One of their famous dish.

Sufen's teppanyaki chicken cheese baked rice.

Ken's salmon fish.

Some good food with some wine :)

Can you feel the christmas feeling already?

Everywhere is in Christmas! :D

Then we went to catch up a movie - Tron.

Last time I read IRON -_____-''

Its a really nice show with a very new concept! Maybe I didn't watch the old version gua. But to me its really nice. :)

But please don't watch it in 3D. Please. Unless your english is damn good and you can understand people mumbling without subtitles. Then you can. To me I really can't. So I literally have no idea what this show is about until now................... T_T

Good restaurant, good movie. Definitely recommend you guys to go try it :)
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