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Posted Thursday, December 02, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Now playing : Yellow card - Only one.

This song is like so long time ago! The time I listen to this songs, all the sweet high school memories flash back ^_^.

The time we look at boys together. Still remember I like a guy, a senior. And I just don't know why I like him! He is...... not handsome seriously. But I'm like OBSESSED with him. So everyone knows I like him, and everytime I'm like stalking him! I guess he knows also la wtf so damn obvious ad.

And then I oso remember I liked an indian guy! I liked him cuz... He's cute. His charming smiles, so cute!!
But that was ages ago... hahahaha.. Innocent love is so cute isn't it.

Still remember everytime me and my friends finish school, we'll be waiting for our parents to fetch us back, then will buy some popsicles and eat. And we'll talk bout just a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g! Gossips, anything. Really.

Still remember one of my best friend aka my lou gong falls down right in front of the guy she likes. FALL DOWN FLAT. OMG u're so damn funny I love u so much! xD

So miss that time man... :( then when I went to ACS, everything is different.. All my gang split up... All the teachers are no longer familiar with us, and the beautiful school.. Although its a new malay school but I really love it :)

Those memories that I had is by far the BEST memories in my life I could say. Would love to create more memories like this!

I duno why I value friends so much, its like I can't live without friends. Friends are too important in my life! That's why I treasure everyone of them.

Alright, gotta go already. Enjoy your weekends DUDESSS! :)
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