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Posted Friday, December 24, 2010 // 3 comments (+)
Went to catch up a movie with Amelia and Ah fu yesterday at MBO. Watched the Gulliver's Travels.

We catched the 7:15 pm movie. Because I thought Ah fu can't go back before 11 pm. But ended up she can't go back before 12 am!

As usual, it was colddddddddddddd inside.

Right after the movie, we went for a lil dinner. Dinner with the girlfriends.

We don't know where to dine at first, we wanted to go either Sportivo (because we've never been there before :( ) or Brugge again (because ah fu never been there before) but we realized something, there's live band. Which means we can never talk. So in the end we chose the nearest - Kenshington.

It was damn pack at first. Like all the tables inside are fully reserved. Damn we didn't know it was this pack! We stood outside and waited for a couple of minutes to be seated outside.

Dinner set specially for Xmas! :)

And this is what we've ordered too, Set A. It sounds promising.

From left, Steph, Amelia, Ah Hann.

Amelia just got back from Sabah. It has been super long since our last meeting. None of us changed. Still the usual us.

Ah fu and Kristy.

Sparkling juice for us. It was a 100% non-alcoholic juice. Tasted quite like some grape juice. It's nice!

Our starter.

A toast for us ladies.

Turkey! I was shock when I saw turkey. Tasted really nice. It has some stuffing inside, I guess it was ham and mushrooms. The gravy is just nice.

Spaghetti, which tastes awesome too.

Our dessert, pudding! The first two layers taste just great!

We talked alot, about our uni life.
When Amelia first said '' Eh, do you all feel so unclose with someone in your uni? Or will you all kinda.... dislike some people in your uni? Then all of us nod vigorously.
I guess its just like that. The process of growing up, the process of realizing there's something more important to achieve. But one thing for sure is, we're all strong ladies. :)

One group picture before we left, around 12 o'clock. Everybody was counting down happily. Merry Xmas to everyone. Please be safe. That's the most important thing.

Merry Xmas.
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