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Posted Monday, December 27, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
Its such a rare opportunity that at first I can come back Seremban on Monday. Maybe go KL with the family to find our cousins for some dinner on Sunday night. But sadly, Kristy got exam on Monday morning 10 am. :(

So........gotta come back on Sunday. This week I have not much classes at all.

Monday - 3-4pm
Tuesday - no class.
Wednesday - 10-12pm
Thursday - 3-5pm

I don't know wanna be happy or sad. =.=''

I dreamt alot today. Like really alot. I slept at 1 am yesterday, woke up around 1 pm (embarrassed smiles) and I still feel very very tired. Those dreams that I had, are really embarrassing. really really embarrassing! *shy

Going back Seremban on Thursday night! Its new year already. Time passes so fast. And nothing much changed at all.

When you feel like nothing much changed, look back at old texts or old pictures, then you will know how much you have been through.

Things changed every single day. Be it good or bad, we have to adapt to it. This is how we going to live.

Although our future might not be that naive and happy compared to our older days, we can still find happiness in every single day.

Maybe change the way you view things. Look at what you have instead of what you don't. Be glad that you are still alive and kicking. Be glad that you have at least 1 good friend that you can talk to him/her with. Be glad that you still have 2 cute lil pets accompanying you no matter rainy or sunny day. Be glad that you can still gather around with your family happily.

Something damn shocking just happened just now to my sister. Its really, seriously shocking.

You know how to like a people? Its not ONLY about declaring that you like her, its not about telling the whole world about her. It involves knowing her more, communicate with her, and let her be the first to know. Hope you got some idea from me, Mr. :)
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