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Posted Saturday, December 18, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Just when I thought the last paper will be the easiest one, it turned out to be the hardest one. :(

But the lecturer really said '' Its really very easy'' then I really go and trust him wtf I shoudn't trust someone, who has been working for so long in the accounting industry, who has been going through soooo much of education and real life working experience? Easy to them is like HARD to us. :(

It happened to me a couple of times already, lecturers kept saying very easy one la but turned out not easy at all lor. maybe it will be easy if i study like every single slides, memorize every single notes. then yeap it will definitely be easy for me. but when you tell the students the paper is going to be ''very easy lor'' then students will take it not seriously and thought, oh i don't actually have to study so much! its going to be easy anyway. lalalalalalal~

See how the power of misunderstanding kills us! So next time please tell us this ''Its going to be easy if you memorize everything and understand everything.'' Right. RIGHT. Its like you didn't scare the hell out of your students, and at the same time you didn't fool them either.

Pfttttttt haiz....... Guess I need to brush up for my finals already. I just hate lecturers who lied :( why can't they just tell the simple truth!

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Accounting is damn hard!

P/s : Mad Sir > Stone sir! lol

P/p/s : I wanna watch Gulliver's Traveler, got marshall inside!!!!

............. MARSHALL!!!!!!!! ^_^


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