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Posted Saturday, December 04, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Finally I have the time to blog, hello dead blog. I'm here to revive you again.

I'm in Seremban already! Anyone miss me!! Anyone want movie marathon? Rapunzel, Harry Potter and Narnia also can. I wanna wach movie badlyyy. I just got prison-broke!

Just now I forgot to put back Rooney out from his mobile cage (which does not have any food nor drinks). for almost 6 hours!! What a GOOD OWNER I am! So sorry Rooney. We're too concentrated on the long lost Timmy. lol

And went yumcha @ Old Town with ACS friends just now.

I'm gonna blog about KL shopping trip! with my sister. She's my companion to everythinggggggg. Cuz I don't have a close friend to do that wtf. Anyone wanna be my BFF? Where we can hang out like anywhere anytime one. T_T. And also can talk about anything like ''eh you fat liao. or eh can you don't fat hao anot.'' I seriously won't minddddddd. LOL. A friend who view my goods bigger than my bads.. :)

Destination - Times Square & Lowyat & Pavilion.

Sister wanna buy handphone so we went Lowyat first. And she finally changed her old phone! After 5 years. Her phone is still under perfect condition though, just that it cant really store messages and she often get pissed off by that.

And she got herself this! Hmm, not bad lo. But too pricey for me.

Our lunch - Bread Story bread. DAMN NICE LO I TELL U!!!!!

This is the top rated one! Must try when you go bread story ok! Yummyyyyyyy !!

Tuna paper bread! Quite okay.

Chocolate bread. Average, so so.

It looks yummy just by looking at it right? Yeah you are right it tastes sooo good !

Then we head to Pavilion!

Actually the amazing things I also don't know is what. The cube looks so cool.

We left Times Square cuz... I bought a shirt there for RM 25 then spoil liao wtf.

Went to Fahrenheit 88. We did not have any intentions to go there at all. But we happened to pass by and the next thing is, we are inside it liao.

Trying on some caps inside the recycled shop. The goods there are cute!

Xmas is coming to town!! Although I never celebrate Xmas, I still love the feeling of Xmas. Its full of joy, full of laughter, full of happiness and its white! :)

And we went to Uniqlo. Nothing to buy one la inside there.

Snowflakes next ^_^

Noticed I changed my clothes? HAHAHA it was Kristy's new bought cloth la, and I wore it :P

She's sick so she drank the hot one.

Some event going on...

Bought quite a bit in F21!

I love seeing Xmas decorations in shopping malls. Its like they put so much efforts in it to make other people happy. Ain't that sweet? :)
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