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Posted Sunday, November 21, 2010 // 1 comments (+)
Woke up a couple of hours ago with a bloody hot red cheek and neck. And body too. Guess this is what I got from playing whole day at the beach yesterday.

It was an awesome event I love it. Nice games with the participants, nice food, nice beach, nice weather (I would prefer it to be not so hot actually!), and also nice people!

The sun killed most of us, and all the international students didn't feel a thing like that. All of us were hiding under the shades while they are so busy playing beach ball! Its good to get some sunlight on your skin but its not good under too much of exposure, really. You can burn ur skin!

And I am so tan right now! Can become japanese ad. hahahahaha :P

Mom told me something when we were in the car few days ago.

Mom : do u still feel dizzy? you gotta take care of yourself, how can you sleep so late everyday and wake up so late like your biological clock is totally messed up?! You know once your biological clock is screwed up, you will have hormonal imbalance. And that leads to alot of things such as breast cancer and so forth. Worst of all , you can't conceive any babies.

Me : Can't conceive any babies?!?!

Mom : Yea la, my school already have a few teachers like that. So better take care of yourself before its too late.

Me : That's a really serious case!

Mom : that's why.. and that time if your hormone is imbalance you have to go see doctor. Few k few k one you don't ever ever joke with your body. See now sometimes you also feel dizzy like that, means your body not good already. Last time when we were young I NEVER sleep before 11 o'clock. See now you all? Until 3-4 am also don't wanna sleep!

Me : *thinks*i long long time never sleep after 3-4am ad lo...* Yes mom....

Mom : Don't make us worry bout u. Must take good care of your body.

After that conversation, I really don't dare to sleep late ad... Can't have babies omggg I wanna have babies!!!! I wan my period to be precise!!!! I don't care if period makes me stomach very pain but I wanna have precise period!!!! And I better try hard to hit the gym 3 times a week so that I won't have breast cancer or any other diseases......They say everyone must sleep as early as possible. The best is before 11 o'clock, the Chinese said. Because that is when our body getting rid of all the poison. But since we're still young, the latest we can go is before 1 o'clock. (and that is counted as very bad already). So please sleep early for your own health. Time to make a change to become a healthy person, so that you can spend more time in the future with your grandchildren :)

I'll update more tonight if I have time. Mid term is approaching! First paper is on 30 November, which is just 9 days away.

See ya people! Take care!
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