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Posted Friday, November 19, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Went dating with Kristy! I still can't understand the meaning of dating until today. i thought it was a couple thingy that's why we call it dating? or izit just two people then its called dating ah? i really duno..lol

Btw, fetched her back from terminal 2 and then we went for our ''dating''. The reason why I was back one day earlier because I have no night class ok! And I wanna go back Seremban ASAP because of

1) I love Seremban
2) I can save money by eating at home ^_^
3) I miss my bed!

So you kenot blame me for going back one day earlier before Kristy oso ma!! And I'm not selfish ok!!! T____T

Went Jusco for Sushi! ^_^ This time we shop with Timmy too! So cute right. Its just like people carrying their dogs for shopping, so cute! and they never fail to attract my attention when i see a dog inside a car.

tamago sushi! cheap and niceeeeee! Really so nice lo you duwan the tamago can gimme. I give u my rice

Tempura sushi! Oishii~

tori karaage sushi~

Then my cousin called me. And then the waiter there was handing me sushi. So i managed to hold it but then the sushi slide off..T.T

Aaaaaaaaa my favourite !!

Fried salmon, damn nice! :)

And our favourite! We had such a good impression on this in Times Square. Love at first bite!
but then..this time not nice ad. Because..

Hidden wasabi. -.-''

Camwhored in the dress room!

Helping Kristy to hold Timmy when she changes~

Say hi to Timmy! He finally woke up! :D:D

That's all readers, thanks for reading.

Going to be busy tomorrow. BBQ party! Hopefully I won't get sun burned. Sigh...
Prolly not going to online. Take care you people! Enjoy your saturdayssss :)
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