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Posted Wednesday, November 03, 2010 // 0 comments (+)

Tomorrow no class! :)

Thanks Kevin for treating us yumcha. ^_^

I love Divers club, I really love ALL OF THEM! Thank God I joined this club. They are nice and friendly and straight forward people. :)

FYI, these few days Rooney has been acting really really weird. Every night he'll come out running on the wheel, because he's a nocturnal animal. But these few days, he never.

And we were so worried about him. He sleeps everyday, every night in his house. :(

When we put him on the running ball also he never run inside, he just stays there.

So we suspected something wrong, and planned to ask KC to bring him to doctor again.

But later that night, we heard something - the wheel running.

We're like,  hey hey hey, what noise is dat??? Its rooney running!!!!!!! ^_^

Its like a miracle. We went outside and saw him running very actively! Ahhh nothing feels better than the feeling of relief. Thank God. :)

I'm addicted to Tumblr recently. Go sign up one, its kinda addictive!

Sometimes all I ever needed is that, my friends and family around me safe and healthy. That's my super main concern over everything. As long as the one I care is safe and healthy, then I'm happy. :D
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