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Posted Tuesday, November 02, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Eat all you can steamboat. When I first hear it I was like, what????

The promotion ends 31st Oct 2010. So guys, when you saw this post, and feel like wanna eat. Sorry, its overrrrrrrrrr!!! Muahahahahahah

At first I saw this message from Grace Teng, a very sweet girl (Englok's gf) and she was mentioning it in her status. I wasn't putting much attention on it at first because I think, nah we're not going out to eat steamboat anywayyy.

But then Kelling told me that her housemates tried that and she was soooo eager to try it as well because we're all broke. Thanks to new sem, gotta buy books.

Poor Kelling, studied in Melaka for 3 years haven't got the taste of Satay Celup and Chicken Rice Ball YET! And due to Kristy's timetable differences, it was harder for us to hang out. Even a yumcha at town also damn hard.

And then we didn't go back hometown for once, just to hang out together. We rented a car and went for our girls gathering.

First stop - Steamboat!

It was around 6 something when we arrived there. There's no single empty tables available anymore because people has been  lining up for long to get their queue too. Who on earth doesn't like cheap stuffs. Somemore eat all you can!!

When we almostttt, I mean really almost gave up and wanted to go eat Satay Celup instead, Kelling got us a table. :D :D So yeah, basically that awesome dinner, gotta thanks her.

This is a newly opened shop in Dahtaran Pahlawan, opposite Old Town.

So this RM8.9 thingy is their promotion, obviously.

Tomyam soup with a place for you to teppanyaki!

Check out the queue. It was insaneee. Thank God we got a place seriously. lol

I love love love cheese sausages!

And the meat! And some vege! we never really sort the food out lol

Itadaikimasu~~~~~ Wahahahahahah

This small lil sauce, is the main character of the night seriously. I eat everything with it. IT tastes so so so so so good! Those who went, did you guys even dip your food inside this? I so wanna buy this sauce back

Our happyyyyy face :D

Saw this cute lil baby~ But too bad, he can't eat cuz he has no teeth yet...

It took us almost......2-3 hours. Damn our live is good that day!

Lastly, we went Go Go to sing k! It has been ages........ We thought it was going to be cheap but to our surprise, 2 hours for RM 50...

The 3 of us. <3

Kelling wanna put Peace but she put extra finger hahahahahah

So we follow her lo...xD

And we call it a wrapppp. Nice outing and thanks for reading! ^_^
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