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Posted Tuesday, November 16, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
As promisedddddd :)

went for porridge steamboat with alvin and kishok the other day. after finished shopping at Cowboy (a place where you can find basically everything except peanut butter) and guess what i bought there. 40 packets of small lil titbits. Its just RM8.00. I thought, wow this is so cheap i must get it! And I bought it, and I went back home, wanna share with my housemates cuz I couldnt finish them up. and i said, heyyyyy i bought in bulk its just 20 cents per packet so cheap right? den my housemate was like, '' do u noe the original price selling out there also 20 cents only?? no difference oso ah..'' then i'm like,''......can u pretend that you didn't tell me bout this and pretend that its still cheap??'' my housemate ''OKOK LOL''

And tadaaaaaa porridge steamboat! On a rainy day! it means alot to us..

*i secretly wanna go wok & pan or either satay celup to eat one but its still ok, i can give it a try!*

this is it! it tastes good actually but we talk talk talk and forgot about it and it became hangus ad. i mean the whole pot of porridge became hangus -.-''

and we changed to a new pot. actually its quite nice la. i love steamboat! especially prawn. just that sometimes i'm too lazy to peel off the skin only. but its still nice!

besides, its good for sick people too.

taufu! all of us like taufu! who dont like tau fu one? mm mm~

all the porridge steamboat material. half gone, of course. they're inside our stomach liao!!! :P

Next up, went for coconut milk shake in klebang. my first time le! not bad , but i prefer with one scoop of ice cream on top! next time gotta try that one ..

how refreshing it is to have a cup of coconut milk shake when you're on the beach huh!

malay food became soooooo yummy all of the sudden because we're too hungry.

time to sleep, nitesssssss.
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