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Posted Monday, November 08, 2010 // 6 comments (+)
:( My phone spoilt again and again and again and again sigh. When only I can change phone!!!

Buti if I were to change phone I also don't know what phone to change.

Currently have in mind :

^_^ I really wish to buy that!

But there are two drawbacks which are :
1)Too bulky for my likings.
I love slim phone FYI. I think it looks cooooool!

2) Its wayyyyyy too overpriced.
Its around RM2.3k T_T if only the sky drop down an iPhone 4 for me ... ^_^ wtf

Maybe I'm just gonna wait till the price drop gua. I dont know.

Went Secret Recipe with my friends today, tasted Hazel Cheese. It was not bad! While Xiang and Yikxin both ordered New York Cheese, which is extremelyyyy cheesy. Girls, they just love chocolates and cheese!  When they taste it they'll be like, ohhh myyyyy godddddddd. Lol I'm not kidding! While Wenjie ordered Tiramisu.

Went Popular later on. Saw Galaxie featuring linkin park! I secretly think Chester looks really good although he's quite old *shy shy*. And I soooooo wanna buy magazines!! You have no idea how much I love to read magazines. My best birthday present ever - Give me ALL magazines you can find in a bookstore ! Of course, every updated one :P
I'm super broke so I better don't spend on magazines T_____T. Money I need you!! It has been ages since I last went for a real shopping man. Sigh... Everytime I look at magazines I really feel like buying all of them home!! Its just like you saw cute puppies and you wanna bring them home like dat.. :( I wan buy magazines.......

Look at my face. SO FUNNY RIGHT!!! LOL
Sister say I cheat because I wear lens one. Blekkkkk

Kristy's masterpiece when she was bored in class. See Miko so cute right!!

Kristy. Ahahahaha princess of curly hair!!! LOL And also cute cute Timmy. ^_^

Me and Rooney. Rooney so cute right! And Yvonnne grrrr spelt wrong my name.... Grrrr.. Step?!?! STEP?!?!?!T_T

P/s: Everytime radio plays 21 Guns & Don't let me go my heart melt!
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