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Posted Friday, November 12, 2010 // 4 comments (+)

Listening to : Two is better than one - Boys like girls feat Taylor Swift.

There's something I really like about this song. Whenever the front part of the song begin, memories start flashing back. And that's why my ringtone has always been this song, though I would like to change but.. I just don't change things in my handphone that often you know -.-''

I don't know why at night I particularly love to listen to romantic love songs, maybe at night is just romantic!

Regarding the previous post, I comment off-ed it so you guys can't comment on it.

Just got back from a reaaally pack schedule. We were super lucky today because we get to eat chicken rice balls!! Why so lucky? Because we're last customers! Like for a few minutes difference then we kenot eat ad. Food is that important to me wtf... And FYI, this chicken rice is aweeesome and its super cheap!

Half a chicken + 42 rice balls guess how much!! RM 19 + only T______T cheap like.... I don't know how to describe my feeling.

And then we went shopping @ DP. Like finally I step my foot inside a proper shopping mall solely for the intention to shop. But I didn't buy anything though. Wanted to get myself two pairs of shoes but didn't get any because we're running out of time. But I felt somehow satisfied because I didn't spend much!

The quote of the day from Stephanie the great :

 ''Satisfaction doesn't come from too much of shopping, it comes from too much of savings!''

I told my sister that.

And we ate the SAN steamboat again. One people RM9.90 net. NET. NET. NET. Excluding drinks of course. So altogether the expenses today is only RM 10+! ^_^

Its our way to survive outside when you wanna save money.

And we went to guitar class! It was a major progress and honestly, I'm very happy with it.

I guess my passion towards guitar grows more and more day by day because I'm slowly getting the hang of it, and today's class is freaking 2 hours! Guess how much we learnt from that? But quite little only la actually because our lecturer teach us SKILLS only, not to play a whole song. T______T

He taught us how to play ''There she goes'', ''Kiss Me'', ''Hero'', awesome right! But front part only la no nid jealous so much!

And right after that, we went out for movieeeeeee! yippie yippieeeee

Went for Unstoppable.

It was NICE I would say! Definitely recommend you guys to go watch it. I almost cried inside!

Denzel Washington is definitely going to be one of my favourite actor from now on lol.

Finally a day without alarm clock. I was tired of getting too tired waking up early in the morning.

Too much things to do, too little time.


Sigh.. Time to sleep. Goodnighty! :D
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