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Posted Thursday, November 04, 2010 // 0 comments (+)

I'm back to Seremban! Hang out anyone? Hehe :D

Today was a .. hmm, not quite a bad day. Was quite good I would say, minus the head dizziness, yeah everything's fine. Even though I always have nothing to do in Seremban but I just look forward to coming back here every weekends. I love the feeling that I'm at home! Don't have to worry bout food ma...

This morning wanna go and eat chicken rice ball one. But too bad, didn't open. So we ended up going Toast 'N Toast! The food there was quite okay. It was famous for its toast but we ordered one baked beans with cheese toast ended up not so nice. But my pongtay chicken rice is good! :D

Just went to see doctor about my head dizziness. Apparently its called ''Vertigo''.

Some nerve inside my ear canal is swollen, causing it to be imbalance, and it leads to dizziness.

When I tilt my head down/up/left/right, I'll instantly feel the house is spinning. Like everything's spinning.

Why like that one?
Nobody knows...

When it occurs?
Sometimes few months once, sometimes half a year once.

Worst to worst?
Fainted when I drive, and.......... CHOI CHOI CHOI!!!!!!

So yeah I really gotta sleep early, wake up early. Then go gym at least 3 times a week. Drink lots of water.

Bye bye unhealthy lifestyle. Hello healthy lifestyle.......

I'm changing, really. I can't really stay up late lately. I'll feel like my head's gonna burst. So I usually sleep around 1-2.... That's a slight improvement I guess...?But can I still wake up late late ah?

So people, do cherish your health right now. Dont think that you're so healthy because you're still so young.. 

This misconception will lead you to all sorts of disease later on.. I ain't cursing you, I'm just WARNING you. Listen or not, up to you. But one last word, love yourself. Only you can love others. =)

I know you have every rights to NOT believe what I've just said, but the warning is done. Sometimes you just gotta let go your ego and trust others. Its for your own good because I love and I care each and everyone around me.
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