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Posted Friday, November 05, 2010 // 4 comments (+)

I always wanted to live in a world that is sad free, disappointment free, fake free, and just... A REALLY HAPPY WORLD!

Where I don't have to fake myself a smile just to make others happy, where I can speak out everything I want without worrying others might get offended by it, where I can just be cool and awesome, where I can just have lots of fun with all my happy chilly friends, where I can don't worry about this and that, you know, such as LOVE.

The chemistry between boys and girls are SUPER complicated and I hate it. Grrr as I said, love is simple. Human makes it complicated. Yeah, human like ME AND YOU! Grrrrrrr... I really wanna be stress free lol.

Like you can dance wherever you want to, or you can be stupid and let yourself all go whenever you feel like it.

I don't wanna deal with any dramas, any suicidal shits and emo shits. Yeah those things, I never wan them to exist in my dictionary. Why can't people just always have fun and stop being so emo like, '' I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU DONT GOOOOOOOOOOOOO '' -.-'' there is no such thing in this world. It's proven! :D

I used to be such an emo girl like, I've got hurt all the way down my love life. My love life is never perfect, never smooth. Its always either I like a guy, but he doesn't like me, or a guy likes me, but I don't like him.  Why can't the guy I like, oso like me one ah? T__________T That's why so long you also see me no bf lo. Really damn dai sei one. But haiz.. I should also appreciate the life right now lar.. Even though having a bf, your life is sooo happy and so wonderful because someone actually cares bout you, but single life is cool too! Especially when you still have bunch of single girlfriends like Kel and Yvonne. :) Life is awesome with them sometimes.

I don't wanna deal with those... Errr always cry here cry there, always listen to emo love songs.. Or always talk about suicidal because he's your OXYGEN or something. You must have gotten a lil bit of your mind.....

Why can't you occupy your time with dramas? Or you can go study? Or you can do your assignments? Or you can go for futsal (for boys) or jogging (for girls)? When you are exercising you're actually NOT thinking about these things.

The key to happiness - Carefree. In other word, ignorance. In other word, don't think too much. Girls DO think alot, its our nature. Don't ever ask us to change that. We got this since we're born. We never really question ourselves why we care so much and think so much because it exists in us since the day we were born.

Sometimes I wish to just be cool. Take everything easily (because I'm not those lil things oso very gan jeong people). And also enjoy your life! No one make it out alive anyway. Right! PEACE!

Stop smoking and doing whatever shit that will make you look or feel like shit. The best revenge is always, smileeeeeeee. =)

Seriously, you look so much better when you're smiling.If you wanna escape all these, just come with me :)
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