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Posted Saturday, November 27, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Good morning everyone, what a beautiful Sunday! Guess I shall revive my dead blog with a post for now.

Woke up this early because I gotta catch a 12:30 pm bus back to Melaka. Next week got 3 papers waiting for me, that's not good. I hope I don't go so stress like how I did last time, that was..........Sigh... Thanks to my last minute study.. Grrrr...

Went yumcha with the long lost colleen, and others like Siong Zu, Denzel, Lua, Tiffany, Yeo, RnR, etc. It was a fun night out! ^^

Live band at Brugge. Why those rock band members must have their hair long long and not tied up one ah?? =.= when I saw those people they instantly reminds me of Alvin. Wahahahah

And nopee we didn't drink. Only the guys did. Of cos lah drink is like sooooo damn exp! You can reach RM20 eassssssily. I ordered coke which is free from my friend's set meal! Hahahaha

And then 2nd round we went to Tarot Cafe. and chat until they almost close shop. It was nice hanging out with your ex secondary schoolmates. They haven't really changed. Colleen is still the hardworking and cute girl that I knew long long time ago. Siong zu became funnier I guess.

Right after yesterday's yumcha, I felt sooooo down. Because after these awesome moments, its time for me to get back to my books again... Nobody likes to study, but they know they have to. In order to score, they just have to touch their books, get dirty with their books. And sometimes you'll find it interesting indulging in books too.

My bro told me their uni has something called...Travel and study or travel and work I'm not sure. To US! What they work as is, they work in theme park as those operators. When the green light shines they will press the button and maybe the whole roller coaster starts moving or something like that. And they get to travel all over US as well. Its a 2 months experience, its like a once-in-a-lifetime experience to me lo. MMU doesn't even has it!!!! T.T..

Watched 2 episodes of HIMYM yesterday when I was chilling after my study. It was nice! I always loved HIMYM because in the end of each episode, there's surely something you will learn from them. How come they are such good friends ah T_T I want also don't have...........

Okay, back to books. Don't worry bout the hard times because I heard time flies. :)
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