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Posted Sunday, November 07, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Back to Melaka! (sigh)

But actually its a slight sigh. This is because it means that I'm gonna be busy for daysss. I guess I can't go back that often from this week onwards because I've got some divers club thingy to do. But I am going back Seremban this week alone because I forgot my hp charger and my medicine. -_-''

Members gathering day!

Do you guys wanna go! Its a one day trip. No sleeping needed so you can still go back to your own sweet bed and sleep!

And the best thing of all is you can ask any of your friends to join together! We'll be having a BBQ dinner at night :)

Imagine the chicken wings, the sausages, the crab sticks, the sea breeze, the guitar (maybe), the sand, the moon and so on. Got some mood to go already? :D

Moreoever, you can ask whoever you want to join ma. Its just RM 10 for members, and RM13 for non-members! EAT ALL YOU CAN!!!!! And then there's alot of fun games for you all to play also! :D :D

To those beach lovers, you guys can join ma. We're going to have this activities at Pantai Puteri. You guys can bring your DSLR to come and snap good sunset photos! Best part is you guys are doing all these with your buddies le. So just make it a sweet escape from your busy schedule alright? Maybe some ghost stories at night? *evil grinnnn.

Back to topic.

Went back to Seremban on Thursday, and thought can go pasar malam one. Because I simply miss the Pandan Layer cake! And the curry meatball!! But I was sick and gotta visit the doc so.....Postponed. And thank God I went for doc. If not you'll see me sleepless for 3 days, and that is like HELL. T_T

Went yumcha with Kim Soon n Lua n Rachel berturut turut for 2 days. First day is on Friday, we went A&W for yumcha (the curly fries and the root beer float are awesome!!) And we went to watch Takers randomly.

And to my disappointment, it wasn't a nice show. Better don't watch it. But if you wanna watch Chris Brown and T.I the rapper, you can go watch also la HAHAHA. When we saw Chris Brown we were like, yer he hit Rihanna one.

Met Julian there, he watched Unstoppable. He said it was nice.

And on Saturday, when we were all set to go out for yumcha, (a pretty random one also because it was a super last minute decision). Before we went out, our whole house just black out!! We remembered we paid for it okayyyy. Just that something was wrong with the circuit and it just went off. It was quite funny to see that only our house was like that. lol. Then we lit up a candle, it was so beautiful....

Went Tarot for yumcha then went Kim Soon's house for wine!! 4 of us talked till like 2 am. Hehe. It was quite safe la actually, hanging out in friend's house, have some nice chit chat session. I didn't know my two friends were such a kpop fans. -_-'' While I'm just a ... shallow kpop fans. I still prefer english songs. Hehe.

Next round gotta be sleepover at Kim Soon's house! With more friends. Then maybe we can watch movie together at night, buy some snacks, all lie on the bed and enjoy the movieee. Or we can just sit on the kitchen, and chat till whole night long.

Such a long post tonight. Gotta sleep! And start my busy schedule againnnn. Damn looking forward to the Diver's club gathering lo. Wahahahah I love all of em! :)

Thanks for reading and, goodnight.

P/s: Its so funny to see guys discussing about football in FB. Like almost ALL OF EM. So I don't have to watch also know the results lah. I miss the world cup football that time... T.T.. Watching football is so fun actually. Hehe

P/p/s: I still prefer Linkin Park's old songs. They're awesome!
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