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Posted Sunday, November 14, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Almost forgot to blog. Currently I'm just waiting for the time to sleep seriously.

I'm awake but my brain is dead! Do you have any idea how it feels like. I'm waiting for my notes to finish printing then I'm OFF TO BED!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

2 homeworks down, 1 more to go. But that one tomorrow can do before the tutorial. *self defense T_T

I'm so sorryyyy I always procrastinate!

Woke up at 7 am in the morning just to went for our test game session for our BBQ next week. Making sure that everything's going to run smooth. (I miss morning calls......T.T)

And I had LOTS OF FUN!! I love hanging out with Diver's club people. People like Keat Yan, Xiao Xian, Kevin, Sufen, Alvin, Kishok, Kelling, Jordan, Michelle, Kristy no need mention HAHA.. They are so nice to hang out with that I feel like I've known them for years! I love people who don't get angry when others are teasing them. Its fun! (because I am not hahaha) And we really had lots of fun enjoying ourselves in today's test game. ^_^

And we went for coconut milk shake right after. It was quite famous in Klebang, its my first time to taste it!
And I totally have 0 regrets waking up so early for this thing. Totally worth it. I'm so thankful I actually joined this club.

Joining club can surprisingly make you make more friends.

I admit I'm kind of an introvert, Im just shy. But when you know me more I'll be like..... bla bla bla bla bla bla till non stop hahaha. Girls!

Came back around 3 pm something, I didn't even get to nap and straight away rush for my homework cuz I'll have to hand it up tomorrow. Haha

Was chatting with Alex just now, and he said he worked till 4 am and he's doing IT auditing, not the real accounting auditing that I MIGHT be going to do in my future!

To be honest, I really hate to work until this late. When its around 1 something my brain will be dead ad. If I have to work until 4 am like this then the next morning 8 o'clock go work again I'll be dead. I'll be LIFELESS. I scared I stress until too much then sickness will come out of no where >.<

I really don't wanna work till so late! I wanna have a fix time can I please????? Sigh Im ranting again.. But seriously. lol

Its my 3rd year in uni and I'm still doubting about my future. Guess I'll just continue to walk on this road.. I don't know what my passion is also. My passion ah? Sing song lo. Not like I can sing as nice as an artist also!
Other than that? Online, music, movies. -.-''

Cooked today! Major success. Thanks Yixi for cooking the vege for us. Hehe. And tomorrow I'll be updating a picture blog because right now lack of time.

Tuesday going back hometown. OMG OMG OMG OMG I'm sooooo excited!* I thought someone wanna ask me out but its not!*

Going to sleep right now, toodles!
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