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Posted Saturday, October 16, 2010 // 6 comments (+)
Why do I think so much?

I always think I'll end up in overseas university, doing courses that I like, hanging around with other caucasian people like what I've seen in dramas, shopping this and that..

But the BIG picture made me ignored so many stuffs.. Such as, isit really cool to be there? I mean, ALONE in a place which is totally new to you? Is it really that fun to hang out with them girls but maybe they don't treat you sincerely or just a friendship full of dramas? Or will it be a course that I've always wanted but ended up I don't like it???

I've been built to think, all these big pictures when I grow up, and then in the end i might just get unhappy for it?

I ignored too many lil important stuffs in between.... I have to leave my parents, I have to leave my friends, I have to leave MALAYSIA and so on.... The loneliness is.. not so easy to bear.. And I always think, I have to earn big money next time!

That's like super hard because........ when you can earn big money, that's the time you are really a grown-up. By grown up it means you'll see how people fight for money, lil stuffs that they did behind you just to get the business and so on........

AHHHHH i shouldn't care bout all these stuffs!! Why I watch so much dramas and believe in them ! My brain is slowly being shaped up like how the drama ends.....


Even if they are real there's a bit of exaggeration going on there.. Not a bit sometimes, is ALOT...

So yeah....... Like today I realized how stupid I was for having a BIG picture in my mind?

I don't have to be jealous to those people who get to go overseas anyway, because....the pain that they went through, is not small...

I don't have to be jealous to those luxurious adult life because... not everyone get out alive...

So please appreciate your simple life right now and just remember that everything that you have/own, you don't get them easily! And yes I am appreciating every single things in my life!
Just...keep it up!

So people, just ''gin bou hang bou'' and yeah, don't picture anything big anymore.....-_-''
They might not be the same like what you've pictured in your brain... Because your brain is never even close to the reality outside....=)

In the end, everybody is just looking for long-term happiness.. You can't get those happiness from MONEY, you can only get those happiness from you yourself, like how you can resist temptations, how you can NOT get upset because of monetary issue.. Like what others said, true happiness is achieved NOT when you fulfilled your temptations, but when you've learnt how to resist them...

Speech done!
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