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Posted Thursday, October 07, 2010 // 1 comments (+)
Just watched Resident Evil!!!!

Its like, its like, its like... OMGGGGGGGG. I feel its damn nice la.. Hahahah blame my bad taste on movie I don't care! As long as I feel nice then can liao!!!

Wow that show is really thrilling and awesome la hahaha. But then its abit fake la I mean c'mon, which show of these not fake one leh huh. Just gotta say that its damn aweeeeeesome! =P

I love Michael Scofield inside!!! The one from prison break, you guys know? The GENIUS...

And also the girl from HEROES!!! OMG damn cool.. And also the Alice (main character)

I hate those zombies they are sooooooo scary. I kept screaming and yelling inside the cinema whenever a zombie appears (are they zombies?? lol) Damnnnnnnnnn geli lo... Its really like LFD la hahaha.

If I were the main character I die then suen jor la .. Still need to fight with MILLIONS of zombies meh.... haiz but not sure la, if I'm really at her shoes maybe I'll forget all the tired fighting stuffs and will kill anything just to stay alive.. People = afraid of death...

In the nutshell, I definitely loveeeeeeee this movie and I have no regrets watching it!!! =D

AFter this movie I drove home alone and I was pretty scared (imagine those zombies here and there -_-) but radios act as a really good calming pills because whenever I listen to radio I'll feel so calm and soothing and its like I'm back to the real world.

Kristy's finally coming back in few hour's time, 5 am I guess. So mom's gonna go fetch her since she got school at 7 am.

Izit good that she's back? I mean, no more queen size bed, no more freeeeeeeeedom. =(

Hahahaha just kidding. Welcome back Kristy.

Goodnight people. Hopefully I can sleep lah...................Sigh been struggling with the fear of sleeping alone these few days.. Where's my super guts?! I need 'em back! Gonna pray to God first before I sleep. Haha that's what I did recently to make myself calm. T____T I love you Jesus.
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