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Posted Friday, October 01, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Like FINALLY I can sit down in my pajamas, blog on my own lovely laptop at the silent chilly night. How beautiful.

And now the two deadly weeks are officially over. Of course we won't let ourselves sleep whole day at Ixora. Therefore, me and Kristy die die also wanna go out! Its like two birds, two freaking cute birds just got set free ok. And we rent car there! Two people rent half day car really expensive -_- but really no other choice ad ma.

Before that, we just slept 3 hours only. Can you imagine how tired we were. I even almost slept during my exam. I was doing the paper till halfway then I'm like,

Devil : Steph ah, why don't you sleep first then later continue le?
Angel : KENOT! Later you kenot wake up den how?
Devil : But your eyes so heavy ad... Sleep awhile then can wake up with a fresh brain do mah...

And so, I chose to stay awake for 3 hours. Its really really sleepy. And thank God, this paper we're not dealing with pass/fail anymore, we're dealing with A or B! ^________^ So happy! If only all of my papers were like that.......wtf I've learnt my lesson my mighty Lord T_______T

First stop - Jusco!

We never really had a chance to shop there, so we chose to shop there!

Me inside the car, its like. When people see painted nails on the sterring, they will be like, OH NO.......
Although I find their reaction quite funny,but seriously not all girls also can't drive ok! My mom can drive pretty well....... hahhahahaha
Last time I saw one ang moh drive, he's SUPER geng one le he reverse only see back no need see front, plus he's reversing on those busy street -_-''

And to fill our empty growling stomach, we hunt for some food in Jusco before we shop! We decided to take Chinese cuisine because we're so so so bored of french fries, salad and stuffs already.
And this is not a bad choice! I mean, at last I can taste some rice!!

Fried Man tao with some sweet chili sauce. Nice!

Kristy's rice which is really really nice T_T I so regret liao.

Mine, looks sooooooo good but... Not realy nice. the meat is quite nice but the gravvy spoilt it!

Then we went shopping! Kristy bought Liese hairdye. Can't wait to see the outcome!

Me trying on bloody red lipstick.

I've never tried on any red lipstick before. And I was walking in Watson, so I just randomly put that on. And it looks like Geisha huh? But but just look at it more then you'll see its getting nicer on me! hahaha

And we shopped for around 5 hours in Jusco. We got super tired, and decided to go sit somewhere and have some tea time~

Nadeje @ DP is the best place to chill, always.

WE chose the original crepe cake.

Kristy, '' Eh, we try other flavor ok?''
Steph, "HUH..but we only have ONE shot! So just try what's nice la''

And in the end we ordered back the original crepe cake because its the NICEST! And also ordered a glass of pink guava. Healthy drink! ^^

There are couch for you to sit on, plenty of magazines, be it Japanese or English or Chinese mags. And those you see are business people talking business over there. Gei ya man seong lok. hahahhahaha

And a HUGE mirror!!!! ^^

Right after that, we went shopping because Kristy and I saw so many cute and pretty clothes in those mags -_-''

 And our original plan, to watch movies! Our top three choices - Resident Evil/ The Legend of the Fist/ Eat, Love, Pray.

If I were going out with someone I like, I'll definitely go for Eat Love Pray! But then with Kristy ah... Go watch legend better la hahahahaha. DONNIE YEN!!!

The legend of the fist - The return of Chen Zhen.

T_______T I missed him already...

Look at him, look at him.

I mean, LOOK AT HIM.

Ahh... I'll definitely say yes if you propose to me...

Two lil fans... >.<

Right after the movie, we went Wings for dinner!

It has been AGES since we last yumcha at Wings. Thanks to the exam.

Maryland Chicken Chop!

And our favourite original bubble milk tea. Yummy~~~~~~~~~~~~~

MIGHT online less nowadays, got 2 new books to read. hehehehe. So if I don't online that often, I gotta be reading em ok? Hopefully. lol
Goodnight people, the queen size bed is all for me right now. wahahahaha <3 <3
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