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Posted Saturday, October 09, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Its our favourite Thursday routine again! I can hardly go pasar malam in Seremban because I always come back on Friday. Sigh. So this time, during our two weeks break we ain't gonna let this chance go!

And as usual, I went out with YikXin again. Kristy can join actually but too bad she took 11pm bus to seremban, can't make it to our gathering. But its okay we can always hang out next Thursday =P hopefully!

Went pasar malam to have our dinner, then went yumcha at Station One. Then, watch movie!! Omg such a nice planning hahahah

My favourite YesTea.. I think is because of this I can't sleep!!!Been rolling on the bed for 3 hours, how I wish I have sheeps to count. Sigh...

And this pile of shit we got from pasar malam. hahahah so sorry lah! my fault.. T_T but its still nice! ^_^

YikXin's drink~

Yikxin, a very good girl.. =D

And me! ^_^

Bought these cute lil clips, cute right?!?

After that, we went to catch our movie! Resident evil! We were discussing what movie to watch, then I watched The Legend of the Fist ad, so we left this show lo... And we know we are quite slow *hheheheh

But stil, its nice! To us its sooooo nice! Because so ganjeong lah ! And those zombies are fucking scary n ugly!

Hottie no.1

Hottie no. 2. They both look soooooo pretty!

To those who haven't watch the show yet, faster catch em up in cinemas kay! Later no more showing ad.

P/s: Check out this stupid thing

Guess what is he doing?? He's sleeping ah...........T_________T how on earth can a hamster be so stupid....

My sister said : Hamster always do things that we can't, and will never understand.



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