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How great, the 2 weeks breaks finally arrived! And everytime we sure will go somewhere, because we wanna have fun after the final exam! And this time we decided to go Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Pyramid because last time we went A Famosa. What's next? I really don't know. But it'll surely be fun. =D

This time just the 6 of us, instead of the usual 12 of us. Half of the people can't make it due to all sorts of reasons........ Sigh but we still had fun right? It could have been better if more people joined. Sighhhh...

WenHao from PD drove all the way from Melaka -> Seremban -> KL. Thanks to our driver ! ^_^

AFter checking in Sun Inn, we started to..............PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First stop - Sunway Lagoon. You can barely see crowds during monday, only ang mohs. AWESOME right!!! You can play anything twice without lining up!

After we changed our clothes.With our messy hair xD

The 6 of us hehe.

We played from 12 o'clock until like 5 o'clock. I'm superrrrrrr duperrrrrrrrr hungry because I had my breakfast around 8 something till 5 something!!! Can you imagine it.... And I wanted to buy some snacks but then all snacks sold there are 5 times more expensive.

Right after we all finished our bath and ready for our dinner at 7 pm!!! Me and Sufen

Me and WenHao the shy guy.

Me and ah Qin the polite girl.

Inside Sunway Pyramid. Eh look like i'm holding a cigar right? WTF no la that's my phone !

At first wanted to eat here one but........ ended up eating at here

Bar B Q Plaza at Sunway Pyramid. Seriously this shop DAMN NICE!! I'm not kidding, because I'm a meat lover. I love vege too! Basically I love everything la ...

The guys.

Spot their cute lil wok? Its like korea right? But I think its from Thailand one.

watashiwa tranny desu~ hahahahah

The girls.

The super nice drink!

We ordered the RM49.90 package and here it is!! Can you see all the meat! Red red one! Slurps!!!

And here's the vege and fish! Haiz why must I blog at this hour leh..... Hungry d .............I wanna eat steamboat now.........

Sufen, the rice lover. The whole package is never enough for us. I think the package is for 3 person only. But daaaaaaaaaamn its really nice ! If only two people eat ah, we'll be damn happy and satisfy le..^_^

Overall, I DO recommend that shop for you guys to try it out! Its really nice =D

Just because 6 of us ate 3 people portion food, we're like,
''eh are you full?''
''not even a bit.......''
''oh..... me too......''
''den how?''

And we went Theobroma Chocolage Lounge. My favourite chocolate fondue is inside........

Their RM1.50 vanilla ice-cream. So cheap. But the taste.......to me, so so only.

Tiramisu!! NICE !

Mille Crepe Cake aka Japanese Layer Cake. Hmm, incomparable with the Melaka one. Anyone wanna come Melaka ah? I can bring you go eat the cake!! ^_^ (because I wanna eat also)

And we heard a really loud noises.

People playing ice hockey! Cool..
I don't even noe how to skate, not to say play ice hockey.

Right after the dessert,
'' eh, full ??''
'' erm......1/10 lo''
'' then go where now?''
''hmm.. i really really wanna go to the mamak.. the 24 hours mamak ah...but i duno how to go!!!''
''never mind la got petrol and money can ad.''

And after 1-2 hours of drive searching, we finally reached the 24 hours mamak. OMG so many food there!! And so many people still hanging out at 11 pm..

It is call Ming Tian aka tomorrow.

Cute cute doggy!!

See so many people! Malaysia' best culture - Mamak. hahahha

First stop :

2nd :

3rd stop :

SATAY! How long I last had satay huh?!?!!? AHhhhhhhhhhhhh i wanna eat right now........... We ordered 32 sticks but...

''eh can we finish anot oh so many!!!''
'' i oso duno wor, try lor....''
''eh finish ad ah?? LOL''
We finished them in like less than half an hour.

Fruit juice, I loveeeee fruit juice!

Look at us look at us.


Right after that, we went back home, took around like 1 hour.

And......sleep. hahahahhaha

The next morning, woke u around 10+ and head for brunch!

Me and chek!

3 of us, looking all so energetic for brunch! Of course lo, slept for 8 hours ma. ^_^

HQ joined us. lol

And we had brunch at



IPAD!!! <3

Their cute lil chopstick!

Mine! Beef onion rice, nice leh..T_T

Wenhao's! Same only.............

ah qin's! This is very nice! Tomato and also egg, you can't go wrong with both of them right.
Oh oh inside got fish. hahaha

Sufen's fish! A lil bit too salty but still quite okay!

Their soup - Ichibanne~ hahahahahah

Nomz nomz nomz

Then we went sing k at red box! Finally I stepped into RedBox. So many english songs lah T_____T

We sang from 1230-530 only and only RM9 per person. What's the best part? FREE 2 DRINKS!!! So cheap right!!! O_O I love weekdays. hahaha

The final stop before we head back.

My favourite chocolate fondue.. Thanks for bringing me to eat there although you all didn't eat, only me and Ah Qin eat.. -_-''

Yumz~ Thanks for the sweet memory guys.
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