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Posted Thursday, October 21, 2010 // 3 comments (+)
Today is a holiday for all the malaccans!! Of course, I am not but I am studying there so I get to have holidays too!! :D:D

And we had brunch at Sushi King. Boy oh boy it was reaaaaaally full and satisfying. ^_^

We ordered one set of bento ourselves without sharing (which is a huge mistake) because we can't finish it at all.

And the golden egg is the bomb! Wahahahahha. And their chicken so damn nice! Next time I just wanna go there and order sushi only. But actually sushi can be very expensive if you eat alot, one plate RM4 max and then when you accumulate it can easily go up to RM20 RM30 plus! OMG...

And so I bought their member card.. Which is RM20 but with a RM20 voucher for you (enough for one meal already) and it means that you kinda get the card for free. So worth it! And I can go sushi bonanza eat liao! (which I never did that before :( )

Yahoo going back Seremban tomorrow, can't wait!! And I wanna play back Maple Story! Wanna play Starcraft 2 as well! No I don't wanna play dota liao because I go there kena scold only...................T.T

Anyway whoever is playing Maple STory or whoever is playing STarcraft 2 do tell me so that we can game together! ^_^

I'll definitely play Zerg if I were to play Starcraft because I like their geli-ness. But I duno whether STarcraft 2 still got Zerg anot? Hmm

I heard people who game their brain damn smart one. haha omy gosh i'm so excited!
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