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Posted Sunday, October 03, 2010 // 3 comments (+)
Hola people, its the usual KL outing with my parents again! To find our brother. One thing good about him studying in KL is that, WE CAN ALWAYS GO KL!!! wahahahahahah

This time, we're going out 3 people instead of the usual 4. Because Kristy went to Ipoh and Penang with her classmates. Sigh I heard its really fun! Left me alone at home, staring at the screen....together with timmy... and rooney... wtf

So everytime I hear we're going anywhere ( I mean ANYWHERE) I'll be super happy! Because I simply love outing! ^_^

What's more? Go dinner !! WAKAKAKAKKAKAKAKA. I love good food. I do I do I do!!!!

Me, alone inside the back of the car. Listening to dad n mom talk about their working life..

Around 1 hour later, we finally reached bro's apartment! And when we were heading out to dinner, damn it traffic jam T___T like very jam that type. And both of us were like so hungry. Thank God inside the car got some bread! And we both shared it ^^

And we finally reached Mid Valley for dinner. Wanted to go last time that place one but dad said it was too late.. So its okay, we can always try out new stuffs!
Actually we came here before last time if you all still remember. =P

My parents are super fan of Chinese cuisin. They don't really like Western because its oily, and my parents say they won't feel full without rice. Kinda true also.

There were a long queue waiting outside to dine in. But then to our surprise, we got served with food really fast! And their service is superb!

First off, noodies. Damn this noodles is nice! Everytime we ordered food, we ordered together one. Other family might be ordering for their own self, but not to our family. Kinda weird right? lol

Next, sweet sour meat. SO DAMN NICE LE THIS MEAT!!

And shrimp fried rice. The shrimps are so juicy!
So far the best fried rice that I've tasted (other than my mom's) is Madam Kwan's fried rice. ITs freaking Rm16 per plate but REALLY nice.

Handmade meat pau! Which is superb also!

And this is my must-order dessert. Its yam!!! Sooooooo so so so so so nice.

That's it for the day! Thanks for reading.
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