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Posted Monday, October 25, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
So here's it, as promised in twitter, an update. If I didn't say I wanna update in Twitter, I would have forgotten that I have to update my blog lol

After so much of outings/going out, I realize I really wanna stay at home for a lil while @_@

Wearing my pajamas, sitting in front of my laptop, watching Vampire Diaries/Facebook/Blog/Twitter/MSN, sometimes that's a bliss too!

Today we had our guitar lesson again. Sometimes I'm thinking of quitting, because the progress is really really slow. We couldn't even play one whole song after like a few months. Sigh.. But today after we went to the guitar class, guess what our MAN teacher taught us! There She Goes by Sixth Pense non the richer! I really love that song! Gotta pay more attention and be more hardworking to practice lo.....

Sometimes I really salute those people who can't be influenced by things that happened around them. They have their own stand so strong that it can hardly shake because of others. How can you guys do that ah?

I wanna wish my daddy Happy Birthday. Today is your big day. Everyday look at your white hair growing more and more, it makes me feel like my responsibility to take care of you guys and contribute to this family become bigger. I am not super smart, I am not super obedient, but I love you.

We wanted to celebrate his birthday on SAturday, but he's got some dinner at nite =( So we changed to Sunday afternoon!

My dad and my bro.

My 2nd bro and eldest bro.

My mommy and my daddy.

Need I introduce more.......... Ok la the left one is Kristy and the right one is Stephanie :P

CORRECT way of using chopstick!


Let the pictures drown you all~ =p


papapappoker face papapoker face

Bro, you look very lengzai here. SERIOUSLY. No wonder Wendy love you so much lo. ahahahahahahah


Taufu!!! ^_^ Some people say, shit is the cursed version of taufu. walaooooooo don't spoil my taufu image !

THE END. Happy birthday daddy. Hope you healthy always.
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