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Posted Thursday, October 14, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
Still remember I swear to myself that I'm going to eat this chocolate fondue (dollar pancake) at the PHOP (Paddington House of Pancakes) at Mid Valley? Both my sister and I were craving for it.

To motivate myself throughout that two weeks of study life and 0 entertainments, I wrote a post-it-note on my wall, saying ''suffer as much as you can. because right after all those sufferings you can finally go kl eat chocolate fondue!!!!!!''

And to make up that promise, here we are! Sister trip to Mid Valley again.

Thank God I have Kristy as company :D, its really hard to find a friend to go KL shopping with you..T_T

Thanks to Kristy, we arrived there at 1 pm. Because she forgot to bring her wallet out!!! When we reached KTM station and ready to purchase the ticket, suddenly she said '' O___O'' OMG I FORGOT TO....''

Then thank God that day was Xiong (Kristy's bf) who fetched us to KTM station. If not, we're dooomed.

Had our brunch at The Spaghetti Farm. Bro recommended it and said its quite nice. Most importantly, cheap.

Asparagus soup. Which tastes weird at first, but it gets really better in the end.

Mushroom soup! kinda regret ordering this because you can literally get mushroom soup ANYWHERE.. But I don't like tomato soup mah...

Me and my cheesy ham spaghetti!Looks nice right? Well, so so only. I give it a 5! over 10

Kristy's beef spaghetti. I give it a 4!

We were so hungry but then we were so full after the lunch. Not the real full, but the fake full. Its all those creamy cheesy's fault! So we didn't finish it because we know we're going to eat alot more afterwards!^_^

Both of us said, ''should have ordered one plate only leh.......-_-''

And then we tried this - Japanese Vanilla Creamy puff!

which is quite nice!!

Inside is like this one.....Yummy~ Outside crispy and hot, then inside its cold and creamy!

At first they are just like a normal puff.. but then when we say we want vanilla creamy puff, they inject the cream right inside the puff! So its fresh =)

Me inside Roxy's changing room. Love the outfit soo much that I camwhored sooooo much with them but its too expensive liao.

Love this pic so much. I'll definitely put it as my display picture if my hair didn't sway up so weird -_-''

Then we went Nichii and try out their clothes too.

Kristy is in loveeeeee with this clothes. To me, if she buy then I can wear also heheheheheh wahahahahahaha

While me? I'm sooooooooo in love with this dress!!

Hmm, with a heels or something I'll definitely look fab!!!

I kept asking Kristy to try on the clothes and the shorts because I saw a model wearing it and I think it suits Kristy's style real well. Turned out? She thinks its nice too!

Another dress. Well this dress has really detailed designs on the chest there, I really love it but then it kinda looks like sleeping gown..

And i tried on this black dress.. Its a layered lace dress which looks quite nice but then.... Just a normal black lacey dress lo...

I tried on Kristy's clothes. Hehehe I LOVE IT so much!! Tugging in..

Tugging out.. Which one nicer ha? I prefer tug in le..

Then before we left MV, we went PHOP and had our teatime there!

Ice lemon tea which comes in set..

We bought this cute lil fragrance! 7ml for RM33, quite worth right? We both share....hehehe... It smells very refreshing and most importantly, it won't make me faint....

TAdaaaaaaaaaa! Our dollar pancake Chocolate fondue~

The hot melting chocolate. Which is not so sweet.

Their dollar pancake is awesome!! Really love it so much. Each bites make you unforgettable~

Kristy says '' wah my favourite!!!!''

This is the one which comes in set... NOT NICE ONE. DON'T ORDER. it is the 2nd one dutch duno what what in the standing set menu. DON'T ORDER!

Left and abandoned. cuz its sssssseriously not nice !

We're suddenly craving for eggplant and bitterguard so here we are!! =P

I super love eggplant and bitterguard! Am I an adult or what!

Inside the toilet before we head back to Seremban. So this is just a pure window shopping session with.......lots of food hahahahahah

And before we went back, 2 guys approached us. They kept hardselling their stuffs and we wanna escape but we feel so paiseh to reject them. They kept talking like there's no tomorrow! The guy said my eyes are very pretty and alot lah and then in the end we kena conned RM30 altogether..T_T Me RM10, Kristy RM20..FOL... I HATE DIRECT MARKETING SO MUCH.........................
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