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Posted Tuesday, September 28, 2010 // 3 comments (+)
You know, there's ALOT of ways to be happy. Alot of ways to simply make someone's frowns disappear, alot of ways to make someone turn from crying into laughing.

One of my top favourite and most effective one is, BEING STUPID.

How to be stupid? Sometimes you just gotta let go your '' I'm so pretty, I'm so handsome, I've got image to take care'' issue and start being stupid. Be it just randomly sing a song with full of expressions on your face but you're not actually singing it, or you just do some random dance moves, or you just do some stupid actions.

Its really okay to let go your image sometimes because, that's what drunk people are doing anyways. Most of the guys entertainments are beer,beer and beer, that's because when they drink beer, they tend to loosen up their stiff side, and just let themselves go wild in front of their friends? And that is when they start being stupid (not in an offensive way). So I guess most of the time guys really love drinking huh because they get to see how stupid their friends are when they are drunk? It does sound fun! But then you have to take care of yourselves and your friends too. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. it can cause fatal accident. Once that happened, there's no u turn. one people went up to heaven, that's it.

And sometimes after releasing yourself, only you tend to be more serious in other ways. I don't trust always-serious, and don't trust always-tension. You gotta be relax, like SUPER relaxing, only when the time comes, you will be super anxious about something, and that kinda boost your productivity up. (I'm not encouraging you people to be lazy!)

For example, I have alot of my friends who can really do last minute study one. Like, few days before only they start studying, and you'll wonder why they score so well? =/ that's because of the ''catch-up'' effect that we've studied on MicroEconomics (wtf, but no joke). And they tend to be SO ANXIOUS and their brain starts working like 2 times faster than their normal brains are? So their absorption will be damn high too. Like a completely dry sponge.

For my own example, last time when I was young, I represent my school in some speech competition. 3 languages! I'm so proud of myself! That's why I've been memorizing things like I'm so used to it already, and so I've got no problems in memorizing speech if I were to be given a really short time to memorize it. And got once, I remember I forgot to study one part of the exam. And all I have is just 10 minutes till the exam starts. I was super anxious, and surprisingly, my brain works so fast that I can remember all of them! You see what I'm tryin to say?

Here's my personal tips for you guys on how to memorize things EFFECTIVELY. First, you gotta read through it once. Secondly, you imagine a situation, a story, a storyline that relates to that. And then, you just start making your imagination, making the whole story into a movie/cartoon/comic! And this way, you will never mess up any details. :) works fine for me.

Sometimes I really think guys are amazing. They are reaaaaaaally smart compared to girls. (don't you guys start feeling ego already!) But yeah. I think is because they play games? People who play games are smarter huh? They are really smart and their brain turns so fast. That's why when it comes to emergency, boys can tackle it so much better compared to girls. and boys CAN READ MAPS. Its not like we girls can't but to be honest most of the girls are really kind of dumb when it comes to maps.

And lately, I noticed that I'm not good in reading TABLES. Tables, charts, and so on. I'M NOT GOOD AT IT AT ALL!!! T_T just like those Digi plan, maxis plan, sorry la wtf i dun understand at all although I spent like half an hour on it. I'm just pure stupid am I.

I notice I hate pure memorizing subjects, and also pure calculation subjects (Kristy said, err but we only got these two to choose from.....? )Ok ok I love writing subjects ok, wonder why I didn't choose to be a journalist sometimes.

Ok, what I'm tryin to say is that, everybody has got their own goods and bads. It doesnt mean that you're lazy, then your future is DOOMED. People sometimes gotta see where they are heading to, and try to chase for it. Its better to live your life with dreams, rather than just a blank sheet. =)

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