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Posted Saturday, September 04, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
How many of us actually voice out what we like/dislike?

When we voice out too many of our '' don't like'', are people going to be afraid of us? Are they going to stop behaving like themselves around us? Are they going to try to be perfect everytime they hang out with us?
Or are they going to think like, ''She seriously need some guidance, too much hatred in her world.''

To me, I'll voice out what I don't like, if that's over my limit.

Boys, they won't actually voice out what they dislike, don't they?

Or they just don't sense it? I don't know. I hate girls for being so sensitive sometimes. So from now onwards, I'm gonna stop being so sensitive, I'm gonna be INSENSITIVE.

Yeah. On certain part, I have to admit that, being sensitive will only bring me harm. Being insensitive, will bring me lots of good. When you don't even care it, people won't care it as well, so in the end, nobody bothers! And that thing just passed over like that!

When you care, and you will start to remember. When you remember, you will start to not forgive. So why wanna live our life like that. Life has so much more important stuffs to do. You finish study liao meh? So free to think about all these ah? wtf

And I always have my own way to calm myself down.

1) To eat - Need I say more? Duh.
2) To play with Rooney and Timmy. - Their cuteness will always make me happy.

3) To watch some funny stuffs - Just laugh angry people, just laugh!
4) To talk to others - Sometimes I was so pissed that I talked to others, and then after the conversation, I'm like, why am I so pissed?
5) To listen to music LOUD - I don't know why but music is a really really a nice tranquilizer. Maybe is because you hear the effort of the singer in delivering the best of the song? hahahhaaha
6) To sleep - FGS this is the best method of all. When you're sad, when you're angry, when you're disappointed, JUST GO TO BED. All these things will wash off when your brain is at rest.

Mid autumn is coming, which means I can eat mooncake! I super duper love tausa mooncake! Nothing beats it!

And my brother gave me his Sony phone. Though its not like really high tech one, I just love the camera. So nice ^^


But really alot of things to study T.T
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