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Posted Sunday, September 12, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
Its just one more week left, and I'm really feeling scared already. =(

I have 5 papers in 3 days. We tried to complain to exam unit but they said, '' if changed, all other faculty's exams will be clashed, sorry.'' So what's the point they come out with a draft at first? Sigh...

O btw, I'm back to Melaka ad. Went Tian Jing for dinner with the family yesterday.

At first my dad was like, '' you know, you guys' taste and our taste are very different. You all think its nice, we maybe don't think so leh''

Then I was like, ''huh really ah.. hmm then......but..... its really nice ma... plus, there always full one ma, if full means nice right???''

And luckily they all enjoyed it. ^_^

My bro was like, ''OMG so nice so nice. lol''

And the best thing of all ? The whole meal only RM 58 ahhhhhhhhh. We ordered 4 dishes! Cheap right!

This morning I could have woke up so late. But the thoughts of havent finish studying scared me. T_T

I'm gonna suffer MAX this two weeks, then BURN EM BOOKS!!!!

I love this pic alot! How bout you? :D

Ok la I allow u to save it la. ahahahaha


with books. Bye!
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