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Posted Friday, September 17, 2010 // 0 comments (+)
Hola! I'm back to Melaka again LOL.

It was quite a hectic day today. -_-''

When I woke up early in the morning, I found out that my back can't bend straight! Maybe I slept in the wrong position or smth............... FML.. 

Went for early dentist appointment, man that was quite useless.

I went there to check my teeth, doctor said the bottom line of teeth nid to go in a lil bit more, and gave me another appointment date and I went back. I also duno why I wanna come at the first place..........

Thanks Jerry for waking me up! :D

And right after that, I went to tapao for my lunch and also buy some portugese tart back for Kristy.

So sad case I makan lunch alone ='( in front of the laptop =''( but the lunch quite nice so =') abit.

And then I wanted to study. So I forced myself to study in this condition.

Which is TOTALLY a bad idea. I slept for around 45 minutes hahaha.

And then went to fetch my mom from school.

During the journey, I was driving alone. And there was really alot of cars on the road. So everyone was like damn impatient. OMG.. And kept horning here n there. Cant you guys be patient abit? Sigh hate traffic jam so much.

Then its time for me to go back Melaka. And had dinner with Yvonne and Kristy at Kenny Rogers ^_^

Their vanilla muffin is DAMN GOOD! And I wanna go shopping......... But then Kristy say kenot. Then we didn't shop lo. But then we DID shop for a while in Daiso hahahahah. And I bought 4 items there! Fork and spoon, one tie hair one, one mirror only mah. Hehehee.. All of us wanted to shop SO BADLY but we can't. We kept comforting ourselves saying that ''We're coming here at 30th, we're coming here at 30th...........''

This is how it motivates me, hell yeahhhhh. Right after next thursday I'M FREE LIKE A LEGLESS BIRD. <-- wtf?

And then I will go sing k movie dinner!!!!! (I havent watch all the movies yet you know.) ^___________^

Tata people. Go see my facebook share de video ok! Super funny ahahahaha. Nights!

P/s: Addicted to If Its Love by Train!
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