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Posted Saturday, September 11, 2010 // 2 comments (+)
You know what? (what????????)

Rooney just... just.... LOST AND FOUND!

We were having family dinner, then when I came back, I go check him out, and his cage cover is OPENED!

I was like, WTF? How can he manage to open it! Or did anyone play with it forget to lock the cage cover!

I wasn't really sad, honestly. I won't really feel sad unless I confirm the ending is bad.

And no matter where he run, he's still inside our house, right? ^^

But then my mom said, '' Got once I saw a cat coming down our house stairs! I was so shock how she(or maybe he) can get into our house one! Coming down from upstairs somemore!

FYI, I have around 6 cats in my house. I don't rear them. I don't like cats. hehehehehe... So I never acknowledge their existence. And really not I rear one laaaaaaaa they just came to our house and wanna eat the leftovers!

So mom was like saying we better put Rooney inside our study room, just in case the cats go and eat them. So I was thinking, IS ROONEY BEING EATEN BY CATS ALREADY?! Then picture of Rooney's corpse starting to flash through my brain........ And I'm like O_O it can't be it can't be.

I told my sister that Rooney went missing, we both were frantic with worry. And then Kristy suddenly say, HEY THERE HE IS!!!

He's standing high up on the ground, hiding behind piles of bags. -_______-''

So cute but so naughty as well. I dont know wanna cry or laugh. T_______T

I think is Rooney sendiri go and climb the cage, then escape himself one. HMPH!!!!!!!!! So damn naughty but when we grab him we started sayang him saying everything is fine dun worry wtf. We're really bias mothers.

Looking back at Rooney's picture,


He has grown so much bigger! ^_^ *proud

I still remember I can carry him easily with one hand. So cute that time! ^^

And now his ass grow so big. And also his roonicles.

It's 12:37 am right now, and mom just go to bed. HAHAHA. She online until so late she didn't even realize it!

When she's going to bed, she said, WAH 12:30 ad ah?! LOL...

Going back Melaka tomorrow, nopeeee not feeling anything, its like my 2nd home already.

Goodnight, lovey you guys! ♥  Muacks!

And its almost 2 weeks since he left. that's freakingggggg fast. Can 2 years pass just like that? I hope. 
Hope he's doing fine over there. :)
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